Loss of Function Essay

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There are some unusual behavior that elderly people may exhibit, calling for attention to address the issue. For instance, if an elderly man or woman gets lost in a recognizable place, puts things away in abnormal places like putting keys in a freezer, does not remember to take medicine or rarely changes clothes. Such prominent forgetfulness, lapses in judgment, and confusion lead to apparent difficulty in managing daily life are not ordinary, and the elder's physician should be evaluate them. It is paramount to note that a medical problem may be the cause of the elder's loss of memory or confusion. The physician needs to examine for underlying issues, which could include a urinary tract or respiratory infection, depression, mini-stroke, drug toxicity or interaction, or persistent effects of anesthesia. The physician should also determine a baseline of cognitive performance to assess probable future deterioration, which could point to a developing form a dementia. An elder who fails to take their medication or takes wrong dosages may further intensify their short-term loss of memory or confusion. If proper care is not taken, this can cause serious problems leading to a downward spiral.


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