Macronutrient Needs of the Iroquois Essay

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When averaged, these guidelines recommend a ratio of about 55:30:15 for carbohydrates, fat, and protein, respectively. Paleolithic hunter-gatherers, however, depended heavily on animals (game and fish) for their energy needs (Cordain et al., 2000).

When Cordain and colleagues (2000) examined the energy needs of all Paleolithic hunter-gatherers they found that most were located above or below latitude 40°, which would include the Iroquois. Between 66 and 75% of the energy needs of these tribes were derived from the consumption of animals, resulting in an estimated carbohydrate:fat:protein ratio of about 22:50:28. Given the fact that the Iroquois depended heavily on agriculture to meet their macronutrient needs (Santhosh et al., 2014) the ratios would have probably been somewhere between those for a modern and pre-agricultural diet. Regardless of the carbohydrate and protein ratios, the energy needs from fat would have been somewhere between 30 and 50%. Since only 12% of the calories supplied by corn come from fat and animal fat can reach as high as 20% (Cordain et al., 2000), reaching at least 30% dietary fat would be impossible from eating these five foods alone.

To conclude, this analysis of the five foods chosen for this study reveals it would be impossible to meet the macronutrient needs of the Iroquois. If the Three Sisters diet was supplemented with game and fish, however, enough fat and protein would be supplied to make it possible to maintain health throughout the year.


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TOPIC: Essay on Macronutrient Needs of the Iroquois Assignment

Santhosh, Heon, Kaelen, Alec, Colton, Cole et al. (2014). Diet: Farming and Agriculture. Retrieved from… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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