Management (Nursing) Area: Birmingham Essay

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Hospices such as New Beacon Hospice that sought a RN Case manager to be "responsible for the planning, coordination, provision and documentation of care for terminally ill patients from day of admission through day of discharge. " (New Beacon Hospice )

Medical center such as that connected with neurology (Brookwood medical Center) that sought a case manager responsible " for coordinating patient care activities to conform to evidence-based practice and/or regulatory/payor requirements" (

• Responsibilities of the nurse in this position

The case manager may work in various fields for various employers. As in all states, the state of Alabama's requirements for certified case managers is that they work with ill and injured clients serving government agencies, healthcare facilities, courts and other service providers. Their service, in other words, spans medical and social work / nursing fields. Their job is to create a plan that will lay out the best kind of program for these clients and by so doing improving their physical and mental well-being. They also ensure that all aspects of the client are coordinated so that the plan extends to all parts of the client being serviced and that a match is forged between the handling of cases and information.

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Case managers in Alabama, as in all states, work as liaisons between patients and services / agency as well as between agency and families of patients and between agency and community. In all instances, they represent agencies that offer assistance, such as crisis centers, legal advocates, counselors and educational facilities.

Other responsibilities of case managers include keeping track of all documentation and case records of patients and ensuring that agencies have the appropriate information. To best carry out their work and help both client and agency, case managers are in contact with, and involve various organizations that include police, welfare agencies, health clinics and schools.

Essay on Management (Nursing) Area: Birmingham, Al Assignment

Depending on the institution that employs the case manager, some are also involved in further research and in educational forums as well as in programs that instruct / inform the public regarding various pertinent issues. They may also review the patient's quality of treatment delivered by agencies as well as draft assessments.

One other similar responsibility that some, although not all case managers carry out is on-site evaluations of patients and proposing, if necessary, of alternate treatment plans.

Sources Registered Nurse Case Manager - Neurology (Full-time Days) - Brookwood Medical Center, Birmingham, AL Manager Certification Certified Case Manager Education Requirements and Career Info.

New Beacon Hospice registered Case Manager.

Select Specialty Hospital. Career opportunities. [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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