Management Skills Essay

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The decisions made by managers affect everyone in the organization and should therefore be appropriate. Management as a discipline requires a good manager to portray certain codes of conduct that distinguishes management from other disciplines. A manager should be aware of fundamentals that are universal. The fundamentals include unity of command. This fundamental requires a manager to present their role as a boss. A manager should be able to rule and command the subordinates. A good manager gives orders and directions to those under him. A good manager does not force but gives orders and subordinates follow. In his own capacity, a good security manager should be respectful to both his seniors and juniors. A good security manager is responsible and obeys the work ethics (Armstrong 2005).

A manager sets an example to the subordinates by doing what is right all the time. By being a good example, a manager inspires others to work and adhere to the rules and regulations of work. A manger cannot be successful by obtaining education only. Management requires application of principles and skills to determine the right direction for an organization. A good security manager must have adequate knowledge in security operations, controlling and application. A good security manager has to be intelligent and able to combine imagination and creativity to produce quality services for the organization and society.


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TOPIC: Essay on Management Skills Required for a Assignment

Blyth, M. 2008. Risk and security… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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