Marketing Management Customer Value Equation Essay

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The poor political international relations and terrorism in the South Asia has also come under evaluation as the leading aspect that affects the sales within the region. Additionally, the political flux and conflicts between U.S. with South Asian countries also hamper the sales of Apple iPhone in these regions. The economical depression has also created somewhat affect on the sales, but the technological and social influence (within the music industry and enhanced lifestyle) has been more powerful and persuading that has positively affected the sales of iPhone within South Asian regions. The technological advancements on the other hand also negatively affect the iPhone sales (Baum, Hackstein & Mehling, 2012).

Target Market Analysis

Apple iPhone has targeted a number of users over a wide range in the United States. This signifies that Apple did not desire to limit its product of iPhone to small demographics, but seek to have as many consumers as possible. From the applications such as time management and productivity, one can figure out that Apple wished to target business consumers such as mangers and entrepreneurs of small scale. While on the other hand, the explosion of games, support of yahoo and Google mail brings the fact to the surface that Apple wants to target the young people as well (Campesato & Nilson, 2010).

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From the above facts, it has come to notice that the age group of the target audience of Apple iPhone would range from 15 years to 40 years with an extensive knowledge and know-how of the technology. Since iPhone is an exclusive communication product with relatively high price at the initial stages, thus, they tend to cater the above average social class (upper middle and high class) consumers. However, with passage of time, due to intense competition within the industry, iPhone decreased its price in order to target a wider audience (Campesato & Nilson, 2010).

TOPIC: Essay on Marketing Management Customer Value Equation Assignment

From the sources, it has also been observed that the users that are dominating in the consumption of iPhone include teenagers and youth (ranging from 15-25 years) that capture the biggest chunk of the consumption market in the home country, even though iPhone initially segmented the young men under 40 years of age (Campesato & Nilson, 2010).

Considering the target audience in the home country, the potential consumers in the foreign market tends to be relatively same that incorporates the young buyers and entrepreneurs, regardless of their gender, ranging from 16-35 years. Moreover, looking at the region of South Asia, the segmentation based on demographics would include the upper middle and upper class consumers (Campesato & Nilson, 2010).

Competitive Analysis

Taking into account the competitive analysis, the major competitors that have been identified in the foreign market of South Asian regions (such as India, Pakistan) includes Samsung Galaxy, HTC, Blackberry and Nokia, which proved Apple iPhone with intense and deep competition (Ferrell & Hartline, 2010).

Since apple iPhone has a narrow product line with high pricing, thus Nokia becomes one of its strongest and biggest competitors due to the reason that Nokia provides its customers with a wide range of product-line with relatively low prices. The emerging markets of South Asia has numerous consumers that are still price conscious and tend to prefer the products that are of lo-ranging (in price) with a variety of product (Ferrell & Hartline, 2010).

However, the well-known and respected brand name with value added features, innovation, attractive design and fast introduction of applications and services makes it a strong competitor over Samsung Galaxy, HTC and Blackberry. Moreover, the similarly high prices of the mentioned brands make them stand on the same platform with that of Apple iPhone (Ferrell & Hartline, 2010).

The software and operating system of Apple iPhone is again giving them the competitive advantage over its competitors present in the foreign marketplace. In fact, the App Store provided by Apple to its consumers is one of the biggest advantages over competitors that remain largest, most diverse, and highest quality destination from where the consumers can make purchases for mobile applications (Ferrell & Hartline, 2010).

Global Ethical Marketing Considerations

Marketing ethics and ethical values represent the principles, norms and standards that must be maintained in order to make the marketing related decisions and operations in a foreign country in order to have successful business interaction on the international market. The ethical marketing considerations are one of the aspects that must be considered by the marketers with gravity. This is significant to consider because businesses are evolving over the global platform and in order to have successful business relationships on enduring basis, it is vital to take ethical marketing considerations into notice so that the cultures are not hurt on an overall basis (Kline, 2010).

Corporate governance, intellectual property rights, responsibility, working condition, corruption and so forth are few of the aspects that fall under ethical obligations that must not be ignored, as the growing number of multinational enterprises is confronting ethical marketing issues on a wide spectrum in the today's time. Corporate social responsibility (CSR) in this regard, is one of the escalating emphases for the marketers to practice at all places where they tend to extend their business operations (Kline, 2010).

From the U.S. As well as global perspective on the ethical considerations in marketing practices, the marketers ought to follow and comply with the applicable rules and regulations with the foreign nation that can prevent harmful actions in the choices that is made to extend the business activities. Fair dealing is another substantial element to consider as ethical, which contributes to reinforcement of the trust in the marketing system. With fair dealing, the marketers can possible avoid dishonesty and misleading in product's design, communication and distribution (Kline, 2010).

Building and improving of consumer confidence should also be considered by the marketers on an overall basis as the ethical consideration by being honest, fair, respect and transparency (in terms of communication, product delivery and openness in marketing functions). Fairness in pricing practices and distribution with advertising reliability and openness are also significantly engaged in marketing ethics (Kline, 2010).


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