Mcveigh (Oklahoma City Bomber) Terms Essay

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During physical testing for this division, "McVeigh was unable to endure a 90-minute march with a 45-pound pack," which led to his early withdrawal from the program (No author, 2001). However, this physical limitation is widely attributed to the fact that due to his involvement in the Persian Gulf War, he was not able to suitably train for this program.

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Axis IV of the Diagnostic and Statistic Manual concerns environmental aspects that t may have affected behavior that is considered abnormal. After McVeigh's parents divorced, he lived with his father in an environment where he did not have access to a strong maternal figure. Such an environment could have contributed to McVeigh's perception of and difficulty interacting with women throughout his remaining life. Reports of his high school tenure indicate that he did not have a girlfriend, and that he "apparently developed a wider resentment" for women that led him to "lash out -- repeatedly and emotionally -- at the concept of working mothers and two-income families, which he considered a major cause of problems in American society" (Walsh, 2001). Additionally, it should be noted that in McVeigh's childhood and adolescent was spent in a somewhat rural portion of upstate New York. It was in those environs that he first became attracted to the survivalist mentality and perception of life -- which may have fueled his participation in the army. Regardless, it was never difficult for McVeigh to spend time alone, and it was during this survivalist face as an adolescent that he initially became fascinated with guns and storing food, clothing and shelter for some sort of a disaster (Linder). It is also noteworthy to mention that after graduating from high school McVeigh purchased 10 acres of land for its solitary purposes.

Essay on Mcveigh (Oklahoma City Bomber) Terms Assignment

Axis V of the Diagnostic and Statistic Manual relates to the Global Assessment of Functioning of an individual. McVeigh, of course, never undertook such a formal assessment, so assessing him a verifiable score on this particular axis is impossible. However, a look at the interpretations of the scores for this assessment, as well as analyzing the several noted key events of both McVeigh's childhood and ensuing situational factors, allows one to surmise the nature of what his score more than likely would be. According to a document created by Barbara Brown, the identification of a score between 51-60 denotes that an individual has "Moderate symptoms OR moderate difficulty in one of the following areas: social, occupational, or school functioning" (Brown, 1999). McVeigh's difficulty with women and in achieving an sort of lasting relationship with one certainly places him into this category. When one stops to consider the murderous action he committed and is notorious for, such a score seems in alignment with his overall analysis.

Thus, an examination of a number of salient factors in McVeigh's life indicates that he more than likely was suffering from a psychiatric illness. Specifically, that illness appears to be clinical depression which was onset by a lengthy history of anti-social personality disorder. The bullying the young man endured and the break-up of his nuclear family -- which in turn seemed to fuel an anti-female sentiment that contributed to difficulties in maintaining healthy romantic relationships with women -- all seems to have exacerbated these conditions, and very well could have contributed to his murderous activities.


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