Media Violence a Study Essay

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Accordingly, the study would find that those with higher indexes of media violence exposure were likelier to show shortcomings in self-report, parent-report and laboratory-based measures of executive functioning. (p. 725)

Also important in this discussion is the fact that a higher vulnerability to this correlation was shown in the experimental sample population, or those who were shown already to have been diagnosed with a behavioral disorder.


The most significant impact of this study's findings is its focus on the correlation of a preexistent diagnosis of behavioral disorder to greater vulnerability to media violence. This provides us with an opportunity to hone the focus of efforts aimed at protecting children from such exposure. By recognizing the heightened cognitive and behavioral risks for those with behavioral disorders, we are in a better position to reduce exposure on a case-by-case basis.

One inspiring feature of this study is its intent to add a new dimension to a well-travelled research subject. By adding the variable of behavioral disorder to the discussion, the article does bring refinement to the subject. A second inspiring quality of the study is its deconstruction of some of the neurological implications of exposure to media violence. This helps to bring scientific merit to claims which are often highly emotional and subjective in nature.

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Finally, a third idea which is especially inspiring in the study is its incorporation of a wide range of variables into a single analytical model. Given the complexity of the subject at hand, this variety of variables would yield a great potential for experimental insights.

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Essay on Media Violence a Study on Assignment

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