Mineral Water Deerside Essay

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The final key success factor will be to ensure that there are no issues in the supply chain. The Republic of Georgia is in the area of Italy or Greece on the Global Corruption Perceptions Index (Transparency International, 2010), but beyond dealing with local officials the Caucasus region is politically unstable -- it is important that there are no problems with this part of the supply chain. The unhappy experience of Fiji Water is an example of how supply chain issues can effectively cripple a water business (Hsu, 2010).

Break-Even Chart


Year 1

Initial Marketing


Ongoing Marketing


Other Fixed Costs




Revenue per case


COGS per case




Breakeven # of cases


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The risk management plan is going to focus on political risk, and this will entail ensuring strong relationships with our supply chain partners in Georgia. We need to ensure that political risks are minimized, and having good partners both in government and in the private sector will help with this. Risks associated with shipping will be managed with insurance. Financial risk management strategies will be developed at a later point -- starting the business is a far greater financial risk than anything else that could appear at the present moment. As for contingency plans, if there are problems with the water source, the company is considering to identify sources of this water from other parts of the world, either in the Caucasus region or elsewhere. Once the business is underway, alternate sources will be identified so that the company can avoid what happened to Fiji Water, where the firm ultimately accepted a very high tax on its water in order to keep rights to its spring.

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