Native Americans Essay

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The Trail of Tears refers to the path that the Cherokee were forced to take after leaving their land and heading to Oklahoma in the brutal winters of 1838 and 1839 (2010). It is reported that about 5,000 Cherokee Indians lost their lives out the approximately 18,000 that were forced to go on this trip that was over 800 miles long (2010).

Marriage between Cherokee and Europeans were common in the 19th century; however, a well-know figure in Cherokee history is a man named Sequoyah who was of French-Cherokee heritage who came a generation before it intermarriage was common between white and Indian individuals (Waddington 2006). He is the only person who ever came up with a writing system for any indigenous North American language (2006). His writing system is now the Cherokee alphabet -- even in present day.

It was around the time that Sequoyah invented the writing system that the relationship between whites and Indians was becoming tenuous. There was much suspicion between the people and violence was even becoming a way of life (Waddington 2006). One of the factors leading to such tense relations was the fact that gold had been found in areas of Georgia that were technically Cherokee land. This was perhaps the single most significant factor leading to legislative efforts made by U.S. Congress to remove the Cherokee (and remove them by force) (2006). In 1830 President Andrew Jackson officially signed the Indian Removal Act (2006).

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4. Explain the history of at least one historical figure of the chosen tribe and events surrounding that individual's life.

Chief Dragging Canoe was a Cherokee chief who was vehemently against a deal where the Cherokee Nation essentially signed away pieces of their land to the white man and received nothing back in return for it (Bogan 2005). In 1776 Dragging Canoe separated from the tribe and assembled a very aggressive branch of the Cherokee called the Chickamauga Cherokees (2005). The branch soon began to call themselves Chickamaugans.

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Dragging Canoe was the son of a Cherokee diplomat called Attakullakulla (Chickamauga Cherokee 2012). Some historians have called Chief Dragging Canoe as the Cherokee's most significant military leader and his bravery and passion to become a warrior has been documented in stories about him. Dragging Canoe, as the story goes, always wanted to become a great warrior, but his father, a diplomat was against it. When the Cherokee fought the Shawnee Dragging Canoe wanted to be included though he was quite young (2012). His father fervently refused the boy's request, though this didn't stop Dragging Canoe from trying away. Dragging Canoe hid in a canoe, but when discovered by the warriors heading off to fight the Shawnee, they told his father. Attakullakulla said that his son could go if he could manage to carry the canoe. The young boy tried in earnest to carry the canoe, but it was too heavy. Dragging Canoe, still desiring to fight, dragged the canoe while being cheered on by the Cherokee warriors. This is where Dragging Canoe got his name (2012).


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