Native Americans Portrayed Works Thesis

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From Franklin's perspective, natives lived a very natural and satisfying lifestyle. As a consequence, he felt that it was very wrong for colonists to relate to natives as being savages simply because their customs differed from traditions generally accepted throughout the colonies or in Europe.

John Smith was not necessarily concerned about how natives lived or about their customs, as he was more interest in strategies he could use with the purpose of exploiting them. The English explorer even "advocated deception and intimidation toward Native Americans, recommending unrestrained violence to keep the tribes in line" (Rausch & Schlepp, 1994, 59). This makes it possible for someone to understand that Smith thought of the natives as being little more than tools he could use with the purpose of making profits.

Smith's accounts regarding the native population largely differ when compared to Franklin's. While it would be wrong to criticize Smith for his thinking, given that it seems perfectly normal for an European explorer during the period to want to exploit all territories and peoples he or she interacted with, it is nonetheless intriguing to consider how people's thinking changed up until the late eighteenth century. Franklin was much more open minded than Smith and was reluctant to agree to the generally accepted concept regarding how natives were nothing more than savages who could be used as slaves and who needed to be marginalized on account of their presumed inferiority.

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