Nature of American Revolution Essay

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Such unification and reconstruction has never been seen in the entire world history (Medvedev 2012). According to Gordon Wood, it was not a simple physical revolution but a wave of social radicalism which formed the foundation of the American nation and achieved a landmark of first ever republic constitution. He explained that it was not just the discontent from the ruling dynasty; rather it was social and intellectual difference amongst the two nations (Wood 1992). Also, the movement contained an essential element of revolution; violence. Without any violent activity, it is impossible to attain the desired results of the revolution movement. Hence in these terms too, the American Revolution can be regarded as a true revolution in itself (Medvedev 2012).Download full Download Microsoft Word File
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Although the American Revolution Movement was regarded as a successful political and social movement with profound consequences, yet some questions arise regarding the position of women and slaves in post-revolution era. By the declaration of independence, all men were granted of equal rights, thus abolishing the concept and practice of slavery which America inherited from its colonial period. But since the practice had strong roots within the society and in those times, it was the fate of Black Africans to work as slaves, thus it was not eliminated completely from the society. Many of the independence movement leaders like Benjamin Franklin and several American Presidents had slaves of their own. Several southern states of America did not prohibit the slave trade and practice; instead it increased particularly during the period of cotton industry in the beginning of 19th century. The phenomena expanded during the middle of 19th century, due to excess need of labor for industrialization. Hence overall, the intellectual effects of American Revolution War from British colonial rule did not make any profitable impacts over the lives of African-Americans as they were only granted freedom in some northern states but many of them remained in the same drastic position after the war. This puts a big question mark over the accountability of revolution that if, it is said that the revolution was not just for independence, then why not the actual meaning of revolution was implemented over the entire society and if, White Americans wanted freedom for them, then why they did not consider it for Black Africans? Hence it can be said that although the American Revolution was indeed a big supplement for the practice and implementation of democracy, yet it did not bring any instant effects for the inferior part of the society, which suffered the same fate for a long time after the war (Cobbs 2012).


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