Neuman Health Care Systems Model Essay

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After research, it has been found that Warfarin is prescribed for Mr. H's atrial fibrillation. The only symptom that could have resulted from this medication was bruising and weakness (NCBI, 2008). Lipitor is a drug that helps a patient reduce the risk of heart attack, stroke, and assists in keeping cholesterol low. Its common side effects include: Weakness, lack of energy, and extreme tiredness (NCBI, 2010). Lasix is used to reduce swelling and fluid retention, or to treat high blood pressure. It may cause weakness, confusion, and unusual bruising (NCBI, 2008). Finally, Metoprolol is used to decrease blood pressure. It can cause tiredness or an irregular heart beat (NCBI, 2010).

There are many roles the facility must provide to Mr. H in order to meet short-term goals. It is important to let Mr. H know what the purposes of his medicines are an encourage him to take them regularly. Next, it will be important to counsel Mr. H. By acting as a counselor, we may better provide emotional, intellectual, and psychological support. Mr. H has shown a lack of interest in going to his primary care due to distance, traffic, and his energy level. Because he is in such significant need of medical assistance, it is important to act as a change agent. The facility may either help him or assist him to find a closer location or transportation to his current medical facility.

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Education will be important for Mr. H. As his daughter has begun her research online, it will benefit the family to utilize internet sources for his health. The internet will help in searching side effects and purposes of his medicine and tell him how to find doctors closer to his location or services to provide transportation to his doctor's office. If on the internet frequently, the family may look up new research on his conditions and medications in order to keep a close watch on his overall health.

TOPIC: Essay on Neuman Health Care Systems Model: Assignment

In Passaic County, New Jersey, Mr. H has numerous resources he may use. There are a number of medical centers and hospitals he may utilize to best benefit his needs with his blood pressure, heart condition, emotions after his wife's death, and bruising. At each hospital or medical center in the county, there are specialists in each of these areas. It is important for nurses to treat each patient differently by identifying their specific internal, external, and created stressors, and find ways to relieve the stressors to create better wellness for their patient.


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