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The authors also provide a lengthy checklist to review those videos. Service Quality Checklist and Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC) two very effective and advanced tools recommended for service enhancement (Hernon and Altman, 1996).

Studies have shown that while Service Quality Checklist evaluates the quality of service provided by the employees on various scales and agendas, the OPAC keenly breaks down the customer transaction data to decipher the reasons why and how customer searches failed or succeeded. On a lesser level, suggestion boxes should be placed in the libraries should anyone has any complain or a suggestion. However, suggestion boxes have become a cliche and not many customers believe that they will be actually read. To counter that, a quick response system should be put in place so that the suggestion boxes stay alive.

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The intensity and practicality of Hemon and Altman's work no doubt makes it one of the most useful efforts on improvement in service quality so far. As mentioned earlier, libraries are to be considered like business organizations if they are to improve the level of customer satisfaction and meet their expectations. Therefore, just like in business, a leader makes or breaks the firm. It has to be the management who will be carrying out research, analyze results and redistribute roles and responsibilities of the library staff (Hernon and Altman, 1996). The idea of 'Benchmarking' means that the library should compare and contrast its current performance with that of the previous year. By doing this, they will be, in fact, measuring the time efficiency of a task - a major variable in meeting customer expectation. Multiple task oriented processes and response times should be examined to ascertain if they can be improved further.

TOPIC: Research Paper on New King Fahad National Library Assignment

Miscommunication, misunderstandings and mistakes are the best recipe for a business disaster, if not for every walk of life. When the library staff misunderstands customer needs, mis-communicates it to the management and makes mistakes in implementing the remedial action, we can expect what will happen. Numerous researchers in their analysis on customer expectations about the King Fahad National Library services refer to this phenomenon as "Gap." The authors stress upon gap reduction by keeping a constant eye on customer behavior and expectations. A backfiring approach which many good libraries often get trapped into is 'overpromising' or raising customer expectation too high and then not being able to deliver (Millson-Martula and Menon, 1995 Armitage and Mark, 2001; also see Bagozzi and Lee, 2002).

The business research techniques like survey questionnaires, focus group and information audits are critical at every stage of the customer satisfaction improvement plan. Interviews should be conducted even with the nonusers, in addition to the users. The concept of 'internal customer' needs attention here. Just like an outside customer is served by the front office staff, the front office staff is served by the back office staff. In order for the front line staff to improve its service, it needs to get a good service from the back office staff. This ideology must be ingrained throughout the whole organization to improve employee performance and customer service levels. All the relevant and positively working services should be retained and improved while the negative or unimportant ones ought to be deleted.

Ensuring customer satisfaction is a tricky business. If the King Fahad National Library tries to control its costs and reduce its investment in customer service just a little bit, it will result in a bad rapport which will take an amount even more than the savings to be rebuilt. On the other hand, if the customer service levels are too high, any little fault will disappoint the customer because their expectations levels would have been set too high. The higher consumer expectations have been highlighted a number of researchers. While these authors emphasize the concept of Total Quality Management (TQM), they also accept the inherent subjectivity of customer expectation and satisfaction data which makes it hard to make right decisions.

Research studies about measuring and quantifying consumer contentment with the quality of service is increasingly becoming one of the most approved and well-known marketing strategies. It is a method that incorporates several intellectual fields. Consequently, several studies about commercial service quality are requested by various service providers (Armitage and Mark, 2001). Indeed, it is important for these service providers to give evidence of their mettle in a corporate environment by surviving and making a profit in a business environment that revolves around cut throat competition (Chowdhary Armitage and Mark, 2001).

The ideology of service quality has many facets to it that are furthered connected with various characteristics. The definition of the concept is not set in stone and implies various meanings to different individuals (Armitage and Mark, 2001). Moving on, giving a definition to the term "quality" is a challenging job because of its being general in nature. Although the standards for defining the term may have been identified, these standards change depending upon various factors, such as the respective phenomenon, culture or time period being considered.

If the characteristics of an event can be gauged, quantified and monitored, standard setting with respect to quality will not remain a difficult task, as can be observed from the instance of identifying the quality of gold after relying upon the control processes while using carats. It begins to get difficult when we endeavor to gauge and compute qualitative characteristics, for instance, brilliance, magnificence, contentment, enjoyment as the implied meaning of these attributes change according to perception (Armitage and Mark, 2001). Thus, research on theme of service quality might possibly not share consistency while a number of various settings are considered.

Research Questions

1. Can a user's satisfaction with the King Fahad National Library quality be predicted by comparing their perceptions to their expectations (as suggested by the expectancy disconfirmation paradigm)?

2. Which King Fahad National Library services are the most expected priorities based on user's viewpoint?

3. What King Fahad National Library services are the least expected priorities based on user's viewpoint?

4. To what direction and size does a gap exist between the faculty and students and librarian's expectation and perception of performance?

5. To what direction and size does a gap exist between faculty and King Fahad National librarians?

6. To what direction and size does a gap exist between students and faculty?

7. To what direction and size does a gap exist between students and King Fahad National librarians?

Null Hypotheses

a) There is no significant difference between the users' expectations and the perceived quality of "environment, equipment and physical facilities" at the King Fahad National Library.

b) There is no significant difference between the users' expectations and the perceived quality of "public services" at the King Fahad National Library.

c) There is no significant difference between the users' expectations and the perceived quality of "non-book materials" at the King Fahad National Library.

d) There is no significant difference between the users' expectations and the perceived quality of "staff (librarians and their co-workers)" at the King Fahad National Library.

e) There is no significant difference between the users' expectations and the perceived quality of "information literacy and user education" at the King Fahad National Library.

f) There is no significant difference among total expected and perceived quality of each category at the King Fahad National Library.

g) The total perceived quality of surveyed libraries is not more than 50%.

Justification of the research

Consumer psychology is an important area for not only the corporate sector but also the academia. It is common knowledge that all organizations provide a specific product, which is used by consumers, despite the fact that we may acknowledge neither the product nor the consumer on some occasions. For instance, it is apparent that college students who use library for research purposes are the consumers of that product. On the other hand, one can assume college students to be consumers of national educational system; voters of a political group can be considered as consumers of a political candidate's leadership and his administrative vision or product; members of a religious group can be termed as consumers of a spiritual group. Therefore, study of consumer psychology and behavior consists of evaluations, assessments and examinations of wide-ranging everyday human behavior.

By measuring consumer behavior, their expectations and perceptions of quality in the King Fahad National Library, we can gain a more comprehensible picture of the opportunities and challenges as they relate to quality in the King Fahad National Library. Stakeholders in libraries can benefit greatly from the assessment and evaluation of services, resources, and staff. There is a wide variety of resources related to quality evaluation in other fields and disciplines, and most are owned by the King Fahad National Library. Higher education in some sense has failed to provide a fully functional set of quality measurement models. While we have some examples to consult such as LibQual, Baldridge, the Balanced Score Card, and other examples from colleges and universities, the researcher in this study has maneuvered through these modules… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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