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The last dimension is the governance pillar. This pillar is highly critical for any organization that is aimed at surviving and posing good results. In South Africa matters of corporate governance have been given high gravity. Oceana has ensured that the directors are those persons who have the necessary skills and knowledge on management. The company has further ensured that the shareholders remain in position of decision making when they attend and ratify decisions during the general meetings. In this regard the company's decisions are made by the majority shareholders.

Deficiencies in compliance

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The GRI Sustainability Model® has been successfully employed in the assessment of the giants of the Food and Beverages industry all over the world (GRI,2010b). Oceana fall under the Food and Beverages industry classification of GRI assessments. The major areas that are observed by GRI in the Food and Beverages industry are the products, competitive strategies, sourcing as well as quality standards. Included under these are; the traceability of the products as well as recall, labeling and packaging of the products, nutritional issues, CSR initiatives, sustainability production techniques as well as supply chain, brand management as well as genetically modified food. By referring to the GRI guidelines, in my opinion areas of importance that were not accounted for and why may that have been the case include the following.

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The provision of affordable and differentiated and value-added products . The GRI guidelines demand that with the current global financial, crisis, companies should provide their customers with affordable products so as to compensate for the observed decline in the level of per capita consumption (GRI,2010b). Oceana has not reported taking such actions. These moves could be beneficial to Oceana since differentiation leads to a competitive advantage. The company should also support organic farming practices. Oceana in its reports has not mentioned taking any action to reduce its carbon blueprint. The emissions from the company's vessels and factories have not been accounted for in the sustainability mileu. Also not accounted for is the uefficient use of water and energy, key elements in the sustainability debate. The company has also not mentioned the kind of tackle that it uses in catching of fish. Ideally, sustainability demands that the tackles be lead free so as to prevent the passage of dangerous toxins to the consumers. The company must also strive to avoid throwing their waste into the ocean while their crews are fishing. The company has not outlined the sustainable practices that it employs in its dealings in the sector allied to the fishing industry. This is to say, its engagement in cold storage and such like activities have not been subjected to sustainable practices.


There are several opportunities that exist for the company in the sustainability mileu. The first one is the need for building and acquiring less-carbon emitting factories as well as fishing vessels. The company should also use recyclable tins in its packaging of products with the possibility of building a recycling plant. This means that they have to find a method of collecting used tins from the general society then using them to manufacture more packaging material. The company can also come up with a waste collection and recycle mechanism for its vessels and factories. The industrial effluents from its factories must also be well treated and discharged.AS part of sustainability, Oceana should embrace sustainable cold storage practices.As an example, the company should watch the carbon foot print from the cold storage facilities. Refrigerators that emit CFC must never be used. Alternative energy sources such as solar should be used in powering the cold storage facilities. Improvement of energy efficiency in their cold storage facilities must be encouraged. The use of CO2 cascade refrigeration system, the use of bio-level fluorescent as well as Pulse Start HID Lighting, the use of battery chargers that are high frequency. Water reduction and recycling of waste are the other sustainability practices that the company should adopt.


Sustainability is an integral element of any organization. The adoption of sustainable practices by Oceana would ensure that they respect the environment (the source of the fish that they deal in) as well as gain more profitability. This is because the current trends in consumerism are guided by environmental consciousness. Oceana must therefore put more efforts in ensuring that they engage in a sustainable trade.


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http://www.oceana.co.za/sustain/sustainability_report2010.pdf [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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