Organization 25 Employees Worked, Em-Ployed Essay

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Google has an informal corporate culture that encompasses the no evil philosophy alongside other ethical principles. The company offers stock options to employees even at entry level which acts as a motivation factor towards their improved performance. This is also seen in the company's ranking as the best employer in the world as per data released by Fortune magazine and Universum. The no evil philosophy is one of the major values that the company attributes its success to.


Individuals within the organization refer to the knowledge and skills which the organization's employees need to transform the various inputs into outputs. These include the commitment and motivation of employees alongside the availability of much needed human resources. Google prides itself in having an informal work culture where the employees are allowed to do their own tasks in their own chosen way provided they perform to the expected standards. Teamwork is encouraged and employees are provided with all necessary tools to enable them to work together through teamwork Mohapatra, 2009.

Google also offers opportunities for personal development for employees through training opportunities and formal education through scholarships offered by the company.

Organizational outputs

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Organizational outputs represent the utilization of resources within the organization alongside the environment that the organization operates in. It is a reflection of the adaptability of the organization to the environment and their financial viability. It also represents how well an organization uses its resources and the quality of their products and services, market share profitability and stakeholder satisfaction.

TOPIC: Essay on Organization 25 Employees Worked, Em-Ployed, Assignment

Google's business model is centered on monetizing search results that are delivered to consumers. The company has managed to generate 99% of their revenue through this channel though there are other revenue streams that the company has introduced over the years. This has helped the company achieve brilliant financial results with the recent result being the company hit the $50 billion mark in annual revenue for the year 2012. Google has thus managed to build business value for its advertisers which have helped to improve their revenue year after year. As a result of the ever increasing revenue figures posted by Google, shareholders have been extremely pleased with the company's performance.

Other stakeholders are also pleased with the company. The company provides irreplaceable services for most of its consumers meaning that it is indispensable. Google has also strived to better the consumer experience which is proven by their introduction of new technologies and improvement of current technologies. Over the years, Google has bet their reputation on providing innovative services for its consumers which can be seen in the continuous updates to the Android system and other Google services such as mail, drive and news.

Group effectiveness

This represents the satisfaction and productivity levels of the various members of the organization across all their functions, departments. It also encompasses the quality of their group outputs. Google provides all its employees with the necessary tools to succeed such as Laptops, workstations, etc. Google's servers and internal software enable and encourage teamwork as well as employee input in decision-making in order to tailor their products to the needs of their consumers. Performers are rewarded through bonuses, stock options and formal recognition through promotions and awards. This keeps employees motivated towards the success of the organization.

Individual effectiveness

Individual effectiveness refers to the level of satisfaction of employees that directly influences the employee turnover and number of vacancies that arise in the organization. Google through their human resources department, dubbed the 'People Operations' department, constantly tries to find new ways to keep their employees satisfied. This has helped employees to deem Google as one of the best places to work worldwide.

Feedback loop

The feedback loop refers to the different points within the organization which help to coordinate the organization's input towards creating output. These include work results and other information that reflects the degree of effectiveness within the organization as well as the various strategies, goals, and objectives which create a source of potential learning for the organization. For Google, the decision-making structure within Google is a decentralized one where employees are encouraged to give their input to their line managers who then present these to the final managers meeting. Though decision-making and prioritization of organizational activities are undertaken majorly by the founders and the organization's CEO, Eric Schmidt, the organization presents their employees with an opportunity to give important feedback that is useful to the decision-making process.

Major congruencies and incongruences between the components

Google can be said to have major congruencies between its inputs and outputs as a result of its ever improving financial performance. Google prides itself in keeping its shareholders happy through dividends and other measures. This has helped Google to keep shareholder interference low since they are able to see that their input matches the output.

Google's innovation also matches its consumer satisfaction. Since the company is always looking for new ways to improve the consumer experience, Google's innovation matches its consumer satisfaction. Over the years, Google's products and services have been unmatched by competitors who though provide stiff competition, help consumers to see the indispensable nature of Google as the industry leader.

Google's efforts to keep their employees satisfied also matches its low employee turnover. As a result of the company always striving to find new ways to keep their employees happy alongside the other methods that are already in place such as rewards and remuneration, stock options, performance-based remuneration and recognition, their employee turnover rate has been extremely low. Google has also been voted as the best workplace around the world by its employees as a result of these.


Google has a high degree of congruence in the six components analyzed which are history, environment, resources, technologies and tasks, formal organizational system and outputs. The high degree of congruence helps the organization to be effective by being able to achieve a high performance that is similar to their inputs and strategy. Over the years, Google has managed to be prosperous in a highly ethical and moral way which has kept its shareholders and other stakeholders happy. Google has not major incongruences as analyzed by the components.


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