Organizational Behavior Decision Making Styles Essay

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When the thoughts and concerns of the employees are taken into account, the decisions will naturally be fairly certain and for the common good. The only problem with this style for the German culture is that it will be impossible to make difficult decisions like laying off employees. But, nevertheless, this style would work best for the German culture.

Decisions styles based on the cultural analysis and their differences

Based on an analysis of the culture using the Hofstede Model, it can be concluded that the directive style of decision making would work well for the company's operations in China. This is because this style revolves simply around the routine and practicality. The employees are used to a regimented Government and culture and are comfortable following instructions. For such employees, this style works best because it is action-oriented and the quickest. Though there is a higher possibility to make mistakes, the quickness makes it worth the risk. They are autocratic in many ways and still continue to provide quick results needed and this style is the best for this company primarily because the tasks are routine and do not require a lot of decision-making from time to time.

The behavior style is best for German companies and there is no need to make a change to that style. The emphasis on social groups, collective responsibilities and shared common goals make this the perfect choice.

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The differences in culture is evident from the styles that will work best in each of these cultures. While the Chinese are used to a regimented and routine work, Germans want to have more say in the decision-making process and are constantly looking to innovate. This difference necessitates different leadership styles and so, the directive style of decision-making would work well for Chinese operations while for the German operations, the company has to shift to the behavioral style of decision-making.


TOPIC: Essay on Organizational Behavior Decision Making Styles Assignment

In short, the culture of a country determines to a large extent the decision-making style that has to be put in place by the company. The managers and leaders need to imbibe the required decision-making style to ensure that the operations are successful in different cultures. The above mentioned differences in Chinese and German operations of the same company are good examples of how globalization has necessitated companies to embrace different approaches for the successful operations of the company across different countries and cultures. [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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