Participant Selection and Sampling Procedures Research Proposal

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I would look to my community for participants. I would also post ads on sites such as as many researchers post listings for participants in research studies online, over the phone, and in-person for modest to substantial remuneration. I would also look at the research of others in media psychology and in the study of reality-based programming for inspiration. I would perhaps mimic and modify established strategies as I develop my own.

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My primary sampling methods would be probability methods. As part of probability methods, I would use convenience samples, stratified random samples, snowball samples, and quota samples. This is a fairly new field without a substantial amount of research done. It may be a great challenge to find appropriate participants, but I know they are out there because the popularity and the mass consumption of reality television are undeniable. I would begin with convenience, stratified and quota samples. With some success in locating appropriate participants, I would cultivate snowball samples, especially after I have a clearer idea of the best and worst participants to include in the study. The sample data may best be collected via email or online survey. I want to make the participation quick and simple, but very detailed and specific. Participants can click a link to begin the survey, via platforms such as Survey Monkey. The data can also be graphed, filtered, and sorted via such sites. Online surveys would additionally allow participants to complete it on their mobile devices, wherever they have a connection, and whenever it is convenient for them. I hope that by making the survey or questionnaire easily accessible it will encourage participants to complete it sincerely and tell others who may be strong candidates. In an online survey, I can request consent and provide the terms of confidentiality before the participants begins; names are not necessary either, but other qualifying information such as sex, class, methods of reality-based programming consumption (Internet, cable, DVD, etc.)


Research Proposal on Participant Selection & Sampling Procedures Assignment

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