Personal Model of Ethical Leadership Essay

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This is close to the way I leadership because this models in people and communicating that belief; they are accessible and visible; they allow, increase contribution, support, share material, and move decision making down into the business. In an effective leadership condition, the leader is looked at as being a catalyst and servant whose leadership style is supporting, advocating, and bring the empowerment (Jam, 2012). While in an unsuccessful leadership situation, the leader is a softy, whose leadership style is fraud and abdication.

Another model used is the political framework model. With this model, political leaders clarify what they want and what they can get; measure the distribution of interests and power, construct associations to other stakeholders, use encouragement first, then use cooperation and coercion only if needed. In an effective leadership circumstances, the leader is a supporter, whose leadership style is building and coalition. While in an ineffective leadership condition, the leader is a hustler, whose leadership style is manipulation (Kacmar, 2013).

Communicating Political Framework Model

My fellow workers, there is a new form of leadership in our company that will involve a little bit of maneuvering in order to get the job done. This kind of leadership will be effective for our business so that we can build better strategies and also promote better working relationships with one another.

Challenges Ethical Leadership

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One of the challenges ethical leaders face is failing to understand the changing context in which they function are not providing a justifiable foundation for their companies (Stefkovich, 2012). They will allow outdated business models to be pursued, even when the expectations that these were based on have changed. Precisely, ethical leaders need to identify the threats and factors that could be threatening the company which can be very hard to deal with.


Essay on Personal Model of Ethical Leadership Assignment

The final element that managers can think about in their roles as ethical leaders is making a sense of commitment and ownership among organizational. This needs to be done by emphasizing promise, inspiring a sense of earnestness about the tasks of the enterprise, and reassuring engagement instead of impartiality among organizational members.


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