Physiology Body Systems Essay

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This is as true for the gross motor movements like reaching, to the fine motor movements like picking out one chip from the bag and placing it into my mouth. My jaw muscles are likewise engaged fully in every bite I take. Those jaw muscles are attached to the mandible, which moves up and down as I chew.

In reading the label of the bag, my neurological system was engaged. I was making decisions based on memories of what I like and what I do not like. All the sense perceptions of the body were engaged in this activity. My tongue is the major sensory organ involved in the process of eating, and the different parts of the tongue detect different flavors such as sweet and salty.

My integumentary system was also engaged throughout the act of eating a snack. From touching the knob on the cabinet, to touching the bag of chips, and finally to touching each potato chip, sense receptors gathered information. That information is in the form of nervous system impulses, and those impulses are carried to the brain via the central nervous system. In the brain, a complex neurological process is engaged whereby I feel pleasure.

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My teeth crush each chip as I eat. As they crush the chip, saliva is released via the glandular system. This process is also triggered by the brain. The saliva has enzymes in it, which help to immediately break down the food during the process of mastication. Once the food in my mouth has been pulverized, my swallow reflex is engaged. The muscles of my esophagus contract, and they send the partially digested food down the esophagus to the stomach, where it is processed even further by the stomach acids. The digestive system has been fully engaged. Once the stomach does its work, some nutrients are released into the blood. Waste products are carried to kidney, liver, and intestines for further processing.


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