Plato, the Republic by Francis Essay

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The good, like the sun, both illuminates and nurtures, though its object is the soul and not the earth.

4. How does Socrates apply the Allegory of the Cave to politics?

The Allegory of the Cave as applied to politics by Socrates relates to the development of guardians, who with the proper education can and will become the just and true rulers of society. The Cave allegory itself is Socrates description of the way we actually see things, as if illuminated by a small fire that allows only the shadows of reality to be illuminated upon them, thus if one were only able to see those shadows he would believe them to be the truth, and to become a whole person a member of the Good or a guardian one must not only see those shadows but must be lead above to learn that the sun shines down and shows reality as it truly is. The guardian then after years of education and traveling from within the cave to above within the light and educated with a desire to learn and a desire to serve can become a just and true ruler.

5. According to Socrates, what is the state of mind of a despotic person?Download full Download Microsoft Word File
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TOPIC: Essay on Plato, the Republic by Francis Assignment

According to Socrates the just man is one who is in harmony with his nature and is a guardian, while a despotic man is one who has removed himself from the light of knowledge and wisdom and is in fact rather mad in his skewed understandings of the world around him. The state of mind of the despotic person is the opposite of the Good and just person, he sees the world only through the illumination of shadows in darkness and accepts this view as true. The mind of the despot is out of balance with his true nature and most suitable practice for him or herself. Additionally the despot lacks the ability to balance the three aspects of the soul reason, appetite, and spirit, allowing those that self-serve more effectively to guide his or her reason and decision making as well… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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