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Its focus should instead be redirected towards providing individuals with rehabilitative resources so that they will be less prone towards recidivism when released.

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The lack of adherence to authority in prisons is actually an effect of a lack of mature coping on the part of inmates. This dearth of mature coping also is related to the high rates of recidivism that is found among most inmates who are released into the free world. There is a fair amount of overlap found between the skills and temperament it takes to engage in mature coping both in prison as well as in the free world. In both settings, people are expected to pursue their needs and desires as best as they can without infringing on the needs and desires of others. Since there is a fair amount of circumscriptions on what prisoners can do within a correctional facility setting, it may be easier for prisoners to cope maturely within the penal system. At the same time, however, there is far less incentive to do so since there is a lot less to achieve within a correctional facility, and inmates may even suffer from inequalities in the ir treatment by correctional personnel due biases of the latter (Bridges & Steen, 1998, p. 554). Furthermore, individuals who have difficulty engaging in mature coping in prison are likely to have the same difficulty in the free world -- as the correlation between the rate of recidivism indicates. How effective a prisoner uses his or her time while incarcerated is certainly something that parole and probation personnel consider, and is intrinsically linked to recidivism. More emphasis on rehabilitative programs would provide more constructive usage of the time of inmates, and better prepare them for life was once released.

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After examining the aforementioned articles in the context of their insight that they provide on preventing recidivism, it is clear that the most effective way to reduce the rate of this occurrence is to provide more rehabilitative measures for inmate. Doing so would provide them with necessary skills to financially support themselves in the outside world without having to resorting to crime. In that regard, prisoners could actually learn mature coping skills in the prison system that they could utilize once released. Additionally, a dedication of resources addressing the social and psychological concerns of prisoners would also be instrumental in providing them with the means of creating social stability once released. The studies of Bridges and Steen, Mears et al., Spohn and Hooleran, and Travis and Petersilia prove as much.


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