President, the Pope Essay

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(Which issues will Obama need to deal with? Such as North Korea, Russia, Germany…)

The United States has been built on a foundation of war, wars for independence, wars for unity, wars for world peace, and wars for prophet. Each act of warfare has been debated and measured against whether or not engaging in violence were in the best interest of the country. There have been wars which were decidedly successful, such as the American Revolution and the Civil War and some that were not successful, like the war in Vietnam. The problem with war is that even in the best case scenario, some men will die, both the enemy and men from the United States. Therefore, if it is decided that America will go to war, the decision must be based on heavy amounts of debate and a firm purpose that the action is required and that all other options have been exhausted.

The decision to enter into the War on Terror after 9/11 was in part out of anger and a desire for revenge. It was also due to the fact that terrorism had now hit American soil. Acts of terror which had plagued other parts of the world had now become an American problem. No longer could the actions of these rebellious individuals be mislabeled as a foreign issue. Only when there is a threat of clear and present danger to the United States should American forces be sent into war.

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The current war between the United States and Iraq and Afghanistan has seen the deaths of tyrannical terrorists Saddam Hussein and, more recently, Osama bin Laden. However, the war has also seen the deaths and mutilations of many American soldiers. There are some who argue against American participation in the war and call for an immediate end. Others believe that as long as there is a potential for terrorism, then there is cause for warfare. As long as terrorism exists, there is a threat to the safety of the American people and a cause for military intervention.

TOPIC: Essay on President, the Pope, and the Assignment

Today, our allies are still England, Canada, Israel, Japan, Australia, and to a lesser extent France and Germany. The most dangerous factions to American freedom are no longer Communists, but fundamentalist terrorist groups. Nations that pose a threat include North Korea and the government in the Middle East who tend to have the financial support of terrorist groups. I do feel that Obama can do much to help the United States at this point. Three years into his administration, he has shown himself to be a weak president and not focused on the major difficulties in the United States or on international levels. The best thing that he can do for his country right now is step aside and allow more competent persons to take charge.

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