Project Management Read Case Studies Case Study

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:, 2). As with Lenovo, quality control was a concern, as was accountability. Regular reports were issued to top executives through the formal reporting techniques to ensure that necessary tasks were being accomplished on time for the Canada Games to be a success.

While Lenovo was striving to increase cooperation between different departments as part of its efforts, with an attempt to create new ideas and projects, for the Canada Games, the primary desire was realizing planning objectives. The 'creativity' of planning and decision-making had already taken place, now the mammoth operation itself had to be undertaken in a systematic fashion. The schedule of the Canada Games was fundamentally more compressed than that of Lenovo, requiring tighter management. Its scope was also finite in nature -- rather than nurture talent and build a brand, its goal was to put on a specific event with a beginning and end date.

Important lessons can be learned from both projects: 1. Accountability is a must. All individuals involved in a project must be required to report on their work in a formalized manner. Having a project management office and systematized reporting requirements can facilitate this. 2. Having specific goals is essential, whether it is to surpass competitors or to meet the requirements determined for an end goal life an event. 3. A substantial investment is required, either in training employees in new, critical skills as was done at Lenovo, or the need to create a new project management structure with the Canada Games.

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