Romanticism Transcendentalists Differed Romanticism Irving Essay

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Emerson also related to philosophical topics when discussing in regard to religion, as he appeared to want to discuss religious matters from a logical point-of-view.

While Melville largely focused on the individual and the feelings that he or she experiences, Emerson wanted people to have a more complex understanding of life through having them focus on a series of theories that could provide them with the ability to find their personal identity. One can also say that Melville was more interest in one's individuality while Emerson focused on understanding more regarding the outside world with the purpose of understanding more about identity. It is probable that Emerson wanted society to continue to appreciate Romanticism, but that he also wanted people to understand that the current needed to experience reform in order for it to effectively reach the hearts of readers worldwide.

Melville largely criticized Emerson because he believed that the Transcendentalist was wrong in thinking that he could provide the solution for humanity's problems. This is largely why Melville was so determined in having society understand the presumed wrongness related to Transcendentalism. Melville was a pessimist and this prevented him from expressing any interest in Emerson's thinking, as he believed that the latter was an idealist and that his works actually damaged the social order as a result of the false ideas that it introduced.


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Emerson, Ralph Waldo and Thoreau, Henry David, "Transcendentalism: Essential Essays of Emerson and Thoreau: Literary Touchstone Classic," (Prestwick House Inc., 2008)

Essay on Romanticism Transcendentalists Differed Romanticism Irving, Assignment

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