Sacraments a Dialogue With God Essay

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3) And God's grace is necessary for the erasure of sin and the acceptance of redemption.

Man is a flawed creature, not only is man infected by original sin, but is tempted and succumbs to sin in his daily life. Mankind is continually sinning against God, and thus is in need of a way to re-establish their relationship with God, therefore, God has given humans a way to gain his grace and receive redemption. God sent his only son to earth to suffer and die for the sins of humanity, and by accepting Christ, a person comes into God's grace. But simply believing that Christ is the messiah and the redeemer of mankind is not enough for man. Humans are corporeal creatures, people live in the imperfect real world, not the perfect spiritual world of God, and therefore need a corporeal way to connect with the perfection of God. They need a worldly way to reach a spiritual realm.

In order to do this, God has given mankind the Sacraments. They are a way for humans to connect with God in the corporeal world, for the physical to reach the spiritual. C.S. Lewis asserted that through the administering of the sacraments, the priest "Speaks to us for God." (Lewis, 2009) In this way the sacraments are a way for humans, who reside in the corporeal world, to commune with God; to create a dialogue between the Almighty and mankind. And by undergoing the rituals of the sacraments, mankind begins this dialogue with God with the means that God has provided. But a dialogue is a two way street, and while man speaks to God by performing the sacraments, God replies to this dialogue by providing his grace to man.

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The sacraments are not the only way to receive God's grace, but they are the way in which Christ taught mankind to do so. If one accepts Christ then they begin a journey in which they seek to receive salvation. In order to stay on the right path, to avoid sin in man's daily life, God has provided a means to continually receive his grace: the sacraments. By performing the sacraments on a regular basis, one stays continually in a dialogue with God, continually receiving God's grace, and expressing this grace through a Christian attitude in everyday life. In this way the sacraments are a way for man to have a dialogue with God.


TOPIC: Essay on Sacraments a Dialogue With God Assignment

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