SCM for Digidream Essay

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(Microsoft Dynamics NAV, 2011)

(8) Project management -- support long-term and job -- and project-related activities assist in budgeting projects costs and automating billings as well as enabling better resource management, tracking, costs and usage as well as capacity for planning and predicting availability. (Microsoft Dynamics NAV, 2011)

Juttner states that the argument for the combination of "marketing and SCM strengths is compelling." (2004)

Successful innovation is reported as having "become a key driver for revenue growth, competitive margins and, in some cases even survival. The ability to bring this innovation to market quickly, efficiently and ahead of competition is becoming increasingly important." (IBM Institute for Business Values and Global Business Services, 2006) Required for a product launch that is efficient are factors including integration and coordination among multiple functional areas, including product design, procurement, planning, manufacturing process and sales, and marketing." (IBM Institute for Business Values and Global Business Services, 2006)

According to Oracle Corporation, higher-quality products are created through "concurrent engineering of new products and manufacturing processes" which enable product release into the market faster and in a streamlined manner in the "hand off between product development and manufacturing. This was initially and traditionally accomplished in "departmental silos which has contributed to longer product lifecycles, delayed product launches, and eventual loss of market share." (Oracle Corporation, 2008)

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However, Oracles 'Agile Product Lifecycle Management' solutions enable the organization in its management all the product lifecycle aspect so that the organization is enabled in the area of new product acceleration, interactions, cost management, and faster-to-marketing on new products. (Oracle Corporation, 2008, paraphrased) It is reported that the Agile Product Lifecycle Management solutions "offer global visibility and secure, timely control of product information." (Oracle Corporation, 2008)

TOPIC: Essay on SCM for Digidream the Objective Assignment

Business leaders are reported to be "…tackling the complexity of their application and information technology (IT) environments with service-oriented architecture (SOA), which enables the development of modular business services that can be easily integrated and reused. The SOA approach to design exposes the applications as reusable services and integrates them through the use of standards-based communication protocols. Rather than building business applications from scratch, this allows the creation of reusable and composite business assets built from existing services." (Oracle Corporation, 2008)

Oracle SOA Suite enables the organization in their integration and unification of applications to enable better provision and maintenance as well as evolution of the rapid integrations in a cost effective manner. All of which can be handled by internal nonexpert IT personnel according to Oracle's report. Furthermore, the organization's capacity to forecast change is supported by "real-time visibility into events in the business environment." (Oracle Corporation, 2008)

Finally, the organization is enabled in its response to change through rapid development and optimization of business processes. Ultimately, it is reported that Oracle SOA Suite is such that brings about simplification of the environment of IT in the organization since the environment can be provisioned, deployed, monitored and managed "as a single cohesive structure." (Oracle Corporation, 2008)

A comparison of Microsoft's Dynamics NAV and Oracles SOA Suite has found that due to the product launch capabilities and supports in Oracle's SOA Suite that Oracle's solution will be chosen in the DigiDream Inc. product launch at focus in the present study.

Summary and Conclusion

This study has examined Supply Chain management systems and has identified the Microsoft Dynamics NAV as the optimal SCM system for the proposed DigiDream Inc. The benefits of the SCM system have been identified and the benefits of the Microsoft Dynamics NAV have been related.

Interfunctional coordination has been found in this study to be a requirement in SCM management. The Oracle SOA Suite effectively assists this level of interaction and coordination through flexible methods of delivery of customer satisfaction and faster product-to-market times. The present study has examined the needs of SCM in the launch of a tablet pc and has found that Oracles SOA Suite will provide what is needed in launching this product as well as throughout the product lifecycle.


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