Security Breach Case Scenario Essay

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Step 5: Determination of Online Backup Measures

The organization should focus on the determination of the online backup measures. This is through creation and documentation of emergency access procedures and policies to enhance interaction with the patients' data. It is also essential for the organization to consider implementation of a 24/7 web support to increase accessibility of vital information to the staff members and medical practitioners. In order to enhance security and integrity of the information or data relating to the patients, the organization should consider implementation of server mirroring or effective cloning software. This is essential in the improvement of the security and confidentiality of the patients' data or information. Integration of effective and efficient training strategies and the five-step implementation plan should be essential in the achievement of full potential of electronic health record in the case of St. John health center (Brittin, 2001).

Code of Conduct (Ethics) for implementation of the Electronic Health Record

Implementation of the electronic health record in the context of St. John's Hospital should focus and adhere to the following ethical rules or guidance

Patients must communicate with the health organization on appointment requests, prescription renewals, and medical advice in relation to non-urgent questions or concerns

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Patients have the opportunity to view his or her online medical record and lab results; account balance; fitness and health information; and make payment online

Staff members must not obtain information of any patient not under their direct care or lack of authorized business purpose

Staff members are also prohibited from discussing patient's diagnosis in the context of inappropriate areas within the hospital such as hallways, cafeteria, hallways, and outside the center

Medical staff are prohibited from informing others on the concept of confidential admission of any patient

TOPIC: Essay on Security Breach Case Scenario 1: Assignment

Medical staff should not provide patient or personnel information to any third party unless it is for the provision of care to the patient in accordance with the relevant authorization

Staff members must not release test results to anyone except direct caregivers of a particular patient or service provider

Staff members must not fail in the protection of patient information copied or carried outside the center. This also prohibits accessibility of such information in open places where other individuals have accessibility to confidentiality of the patients' data

Medical practitioners must not breach the EHR electronic security function through integration of improper entries, implementation of unauthorized programming instructions, and sharing of passwords without authorization


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