Smoking Cessation Health Belief Model Thesis

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The second stage, contemplation, involves the openness to consider that a problem exists and there may be a need to change behavior in order to correct the problem. At this point a commitment to change has yet to be made. The third stage, determination (sometimes referred to as preparation) occurs when a decision has been made to change behavior and an individual begins planning a course of action. The fourth stage, action, is the result of recognizing that a problem exists, developing a plan to make changes, and involves modifying behaviors relationships, environments, and experiences to overcome the problem. The fifth stage, maintenance, relapse, and recycling, occurs when change has been made and the individual recognizes the benefits, however, there is still a risk of returning to old behaviors. If this happens the person must re-enter an earlier stage. This does not equate with failure but is merely a part of the process of change. The sixth stage, termination, occurs when the threat of relapse is truly reduced and the individual has a support system in place and resources available in order to maintain the change.

As new and innovative policy and environmental interventions to support health and well-being are implemented it will be important to identify which are most effective. A deeper understanding of how to prevent unhealthy activities is also needed.


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TOPIC: Thesis on Smoking Cessation Health Belief Model Assignment

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