Social Media and Emergency Communications Essay

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The platform allows for the GPS location to be communicated and this allows the response teams to find any victim easily. Since the GPS location is captured it is easy for the dispatchers to identify the closest emergency team to allow for a quick response. Social media can also be used for information collection. This would allow emergency teams to preempt an emergency and be prepared to handle the emergency. In situations like earthquakes, tsunami, or flooding, there is usually a time lag from when the disaster occurs and information regarding the disaster. People will post information regarding the disaster before it actually occurs, and it is the response teams' work to gather this information and verify its authenticity. This way they can avert a disaster and reduce the number of casualties.

Balancing social media influence with historic standardized procedures

Emergency managers can incorporate social media with their standardized emergency procedures. This way when someone in a specific location sends an update in social media they can receive this information. This way the emergency managers are able to receive distress calls from all locations. The emergency managers can also train their staff to monitor social media searching for specific keywords in order to determine when an emergency occurs. They can also use social media to prepare people in case of an emergency. By developing an online community, the emergency managers are able to receive information when an emergency occurs, and people will know what to during the emergency Crowe, 2012.

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The community will also know whom to contact on social media to report any emergency. Normal emergency procedures are well documented, and by using social media, the emergency managers can educate the public on the procedures of an emergency.

Essay on Social Media and Emergency Communications Assignment

Using platforms like Ushahidi, the emergency managers are able to collect information, photos, and provide interaction. The managers can use this information to monitor and communicate with the community. The system is able to gather information from different channels and this makes it very effective in crowd sourcing of information. Making use of different channels will allow the emergency manager to reach out to more people, unlike the case with depending on 911 calls. Emergency managers can also use the platform to filter the information received. This way they are able to receive relevant information and discard any other information that is unnecessary. Just like the 911 calls screening the emergency managers will be able to determine the genuine from the non-genuine emergencies. Collecting information from multiple sources allows the emergency managers to be updated instantly whenever an emergency occurs. They will also receive photos, and video of the emergency and this would allow them to prepare adequately for the emergency.


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