South Australia Ambulance Service Organizational Essay

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STEP analysis


SAAS is a socially responsible organization investing in disaster prevention and primary care.

Due to increase in disaster care and primary care interventions, the mortality rates of heart disease and cancer are decreasing. This is resulting in increased life of an individual.

The demographic trend is slowing down.

Life expectancy is increasing due to increased access to primary care and standards of living.

Raising taxes earmarked for health leads to higher expectations.


Medical science is advancing at a rapid pace. There is an increase in technological advances including treatment ways, and advanced pharmaceutical procedures.

Due to advances in surgical equipment, the patient hospital stay time has decreased.

Genetic advances leading to improvements in diagnosis and treatment with improved results.

Patients will have better access to information about their disease through telecommunication and Internet.

Health care professionals use IT to improve operational management and productivity

The increased use of information technology has resulted in decreased clinical errors and increased clinical decision making.

Diagnostic tools are being miniaturized.


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Due to increased public spending on donations, the health sector is growing at a rapid pace.

The inflation rate in public sector is increasing.

Private Health sector is encouraged to work closely with the public health sector.

Substitution effect between public and private sectors depends on the quality of care provided by SAAS and differentiation between sectors.

There are certain healthcare inequalities between the Social Classes.

Essay on South Australia Ambulance Service Organizational Assignment

Twenty five percent of the population is smokers and smoking is linked to social class.

Profiles of local disease reflected in the halls of the city with poor housing that reflects the increased demand for primary and secondary care services.

Political ( & Environmental)

The government has a manifesto commitment to reform health and social services in line with greater decentralization to local level.

Public services should be delivered by the government.

Health is the main component of utility Hospital Foundation is a key element of the reform of government health.

The Government is keen to encourage the plurality of independent suppliers, including treatment centers (ISTC) Local outboard staff receive broad support.

(Perlow 2001)

Internal Analysis

South Australia Ambulance Service is based on health, which is emergency care, clinical care and patient transport services, the sole supplier of more than 1,043,514 km square in southern Australia, the spread of more than 150 million Australian region the people's government. (Matt 2003)

Service employs approximately 1,200 people, 1,500 volunteers and 105 who use the workplace, business 323, emergency ambulance, non-emergency medical, rescue and recovery of the entire country. (McShane and Stern 2008)

SA's ambulance service is known throughout the operation of the state, moves more than emergency vehicles each year and non-emergency varieties:

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter light commercial vehicle operations in 315 metropolitan areas, and countries and regions using the Ford F350 and Mercedes-Benz Sprinter vans 316,315 and 318. All vehicles delivering unique high visibility LED lights and warning lights and sirens. Recently introduced a new coating designed to improve visibility and safety. (Magnus, pipe 1997)

All emergency ambulance crew roster in Adelaide city of nursing qualification, the level of at least a lot of teams eligible for health care workers in intensive care. Mercedes-Benz Sprinter cars have replaced the use of patient transport ambulance service 315 Fute Ling. These vehicles do not carry the same equipment as the standard emergency ambulance, but are equipped with basic life support level. Software as a Service also operates the nursing home staff, including management Benz Vito car team. (Komaki 1986) nurses in the metropolitan Adelaide early warning sprint for four-wheel drive Subaru Forester vehicles.

Use the software as a service team leader and manager of the Holden Commodore (sedan, station wagon, and the Captiva variants) and the mixture of the Ford Territory four-wheel drive vehicles. The special operations team uses two four-wheel drive vehicles, Nissan patrol answered by SOT unique role. Toyota Motor (CV1) and the general public Kombi cars (CV2) is used as a program of events and major incident command vehicle. Bicycle ambulance response units can also be used for large-scale activities, in response to events. (Komaki and Minnich 2002)

SaaS is the committee of three rescue helicopters crash (MAC) of the regulatory authorities in response to road trauma, medical training, exercises and operations of WFP and the Food Safety Center extraction use. Royal Flying Doctor Service Pilatus number of aircraft operations in the area of PC12 and remote areas, the regional ambulance services, the first transfer between hospitals. (Komaki and Jensen 1986)

Nurses Special Rescue Team (SOT) are well-trained high-risk rescue procedures. They work closely with other emergency services and the Secretary for the South Australian police star. Explore the new health care workers also used the recovery services SOT Medstar. (Kaplan and Norton 2006)

SaaS Business Center (EOC), based in Adelaide, the main emergency response three zero (000) call distribution and use of ambulance services, coordination of resources classification system SA System. Equal Opportunities Commission is responsible for coordinating the State Bank of Adelaide sent a rescue helicopter services. Equal Opportunities Commission, candidates can also call the hospital informed the MedicAlert Foundation's clients, coordination of fund-raising network from the emergency room and trauma services in divers SA. (Johnston & Pennypacker 2003)

Financial Analysis

Income Statement

SA government has a tax of about 45% of total revenue is consistent with the previous four years, reflects the dependence on government funding the ambulance service. (McShane and Stern 2008)

Ambulance transport revenue in 2007 increased by ambulance following the load in the use of eight per cent and four per cent increase in ambulance service prices.

In 2007, staffing and related costs increased by 12.7 to 78.1 million AUS dollars. This increase was mainly due to the level of the average wage increase per eight percent and 4.8%, the increase in the number of ambulance service personnel. Staffing and related costs have also been defined benefit pension plan movement. (Johnston & Redmond 2001)

Ambulance services sprang from an enterprise agreement approved Amendment 1 in January 2007 causing wages. Ambulance Service has recorded 3.1 unpaid wages and the revised commercial agreements to bring the cost of salaries million.

Under the revised auxiliary enterprise agreement rate increased to further negotiations have been identified as the "reserved area" to allow the circumstances, by the South Australian Industrial Relations (Commission) Commission employees Ambulance progress. Enterprise bargaining agreement, the Commission shall be assisted in the business than in the original agreement, including those award-winning higher wages, then the result will be the first pay period began on December 31, 2006.

Claimed $12,100,000, mainly related to ambulance service fees, ambulance current assets 34%. Receivable balance includes a doubtful debt by taking into account the June 30 following the four previous years, the value of allowances, the ambulance service said, 29 June 30 per cent of outstanding receivables in 2007 is unlikely be collected.

Non-current assets increased by $5,900,000, mainly due to 12.8 million of property, plant and equipment acquisition value of $7,700,000 offset by the depreciation. (Hopkins, 1999)

Total liabilities increased by $7,600,000, mainly due to U.S. dollar 390 million AUS dollars of commercial loans increased by $3,500,000 donation liabilities. The increase was mainly due to commercial creditors, a creditor for the purchase of ambulances and the fitout is not in the June 30, 2007 increased. Staff in liabilities was mainly attributable to increased employee compensation increases, because the revised enterprise bargaining agreement negotiations.

Cash Flow Statement

The following table summarises the net cash flows for the four years to 2007.





$'million $'million $'million $'million

Net Cash Flows











Change in Cash





Cash at 30 June





(Gilbert 2006)

Cash flow analysis indicates that $2,800,000 in cash to increase in 2006-07. The increase was primarily due to reduced capital expenditure. 2007-08 budget, including ambulance service U.S. $19,100,000 in capital expenditures. $10,400,000 of which will be the future of government funding, and the remaining 8.7 million of funds from existing cash reserves or exploitation.

Ambulance coverage plan has a fee income of operating ambulance services, excluding transport costs offer a significant impact to the user. Premium income of 1,690,788,000 AUS dollars to 2006-07 million, and provide benefits to users increase from 35,000 to 30,100,000 AUS dollars.

SWOT Analysis


Although there is no monopoly, there is no real competitor for the SAAS.

While private hospitals are available throughout South Australia, the accident and emergency department is unique to the SAAS.

The fact that there is continuous monitoring of waiting lists is evidence that demand exceeds supply

The SAAS has been established since 1948 and continues to grow and expand its services.


Unable to meet demand due to population increase

Perhaps the management of the chain links, for resource assessment


There is a great opportunity for SAAS to… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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