Starbucks Coffee Marketing Plan Industry Essay

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Marketing Strategy

One trend that was identified that has worked to define a new point in history is the rise of populist movements worldwide. First it was the Arab Spring, then Occupy Wall Street, and the massive protest throughout the U.K (BBC News, 2011). These populist uprisings have reached record heights and numbers that haven't been seen in over a half a decade or in some countries much longer. As a result of these populist movements, it seems that a significant portion of the public consciousness has shifted towards are more collectivist position which will have significant consequences on business into the future. Many of these populists' movements had an underlying theme by the protested organized and stated their contempt for corporations and corporate greed.

As a result of a shifting social conscious, it is reasonable to believe that corporations should work swiftly to fine tune their corporate social responsibility (CSR) capabilities and messages. It is reasonable to believe that since the public consciousness has shifted that an increasing number of consumers will be investigating the corporate business processes and activities to try to find out information about how the organization operates behind the scenes.

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Coffee also represents a sensitive industry in many consumer segments because much of the production of the coffee beans is done in developing countries. In these agricultural-based countries labor is incredibly cheap and the coffee farmers live at sub-substance levels in many cases. Starbucks has already has acquired some bad publicity in regards to the lack of social responsibility that it has shown towards many of its partners in the downstream supply chain (Reynolds, 2010). Despite various failures in social responsibility, Starbucks has developed an incredibly well established stance on social responsibility that was enacted after previous transgressions were made public (Starbucks Coffee, 2011).

Essay on Starbucks Coffee Marketing Plan Industry Assignment

Therefore, given the new trends and public consciousness and the increasing salience of CSR demands from consumers and other corporations and coupled with the fact that the competition has a well-developed program already in place; Starbucks should work quickly to promote its dedication to social and environmental sustainability. CSR practices have been based on a framework of creating sustainable production methods as well as supply chains that treat people ethically as well as place ecology as one of the most imperative considerations in the process. Negative publicity associated with lack of corporate responsibility has brought major corporations to the verge of bankruptcy in recent years. Scandals such as Nike and Martha Stewart are two examples among a number of examples.

Additionally, Starbucks can actually add value to your products and further differentiate them through CSR marketing campaigns. However, the catch to this is that your CSR messages have to be deemed credible by the consumer. Generally it is the case that consumers are skeptical of CSR promoting marketing messages unless it is a "good fit" (Jahdi & Acikdilli, 2009). A good fit is defined as a marketing strategy that is identified as reliable and credible by the customers. Furthermore organizations that are don't fit the criteria in terms of credibility could actually result in a counterproductive impact on the target market in regards to a CSR message. Instead of adding value, it might be regarded as more of a public relations trick than to be deemed as an authentic dedication to social or environmental causes.

Therefore it is recommended in light of the changing political landscape that have emerged recently, that Starbucks take another look at their CSR stance. If they find that their organization stands room for improvement then they should rectify there questionable practices as soon as possible. Starbucks should also consider implementing more social and environmentally oriented projects in the areas in which its supply chain operates. Thus they should go beyond a reactive approach to CSR and try to be proactive in their dedication to these issues. Not only will this improve the supply chain, but it will also stand to add value amongst consumers.


Starbucks has had a long history of using creative marketing techniques to further its business objectives. It is rare to see Starbucks engaged in any form of marketing that could be considered traditional. However, it seems that much of the social fabric has changed and may be reaching new levels of ethical scrutiny of corporate activities. Starbucks has had a mixed history in regards to CSR. It should examine its operations to ensure that there are no ethical transgressions whatsoever. Then it should be more proactive in the areas in which the supply chain operates by creating projects that tackle certain environmental or social causes. Finally, once the organization has ensured its CSR position internally, it should leverage this in new marketing campaigns to add value to consumers.

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