Strats Methods Prog Design Strategy Essay

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The second committee will be disbanded upon delivering a prioritized recommendation the Foundation will then underwrite and provide for accredited medical continuing education and for the public on the Internet. The existing National Brain Tumor Society (NTBS) Internet resource portal will provide a model both for information delivery, but also for assessing gaps and need (National Brain Tumor Society 2011a).

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Strategies for one-on-one partner mentoring and bereavement support include pairing up brain cancer victims and families; one potential way to enhance this and also provide a parallel, larger psychosocial support system, is through group activity. The NBTS hosts many similar support groups throughout New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Connecticut and New York, but not in all communities (National Brain Tumor Society 2011b). The Foundation believes cancer patients suffer enough in their daily lives that driving many miles to support activities may prevent them from accessing this major quality of life enhancement. Group activity thus comprises a strategy and a method at the same time. The method will be to fund monthly group activities like educational presentations, meals, or whatever the support groups elect to participate in, with the goal of creating intrapersonal connections through structured interaction. The Program will fund group social gatherings that include individual connection opportunities ('speed dating') on a monthly basis rotating throughout the program region in towns that do not already host a support group through the NBTS, as identified in an annual plan submitted by the Executive Director. The Program will then provide connection support for individuals at and between the ongoing meeting series.


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Essay on Strats Methods Prog Design Strategy Assignment

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