Suicide the Natural End Essay

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If there is a salary that is set that everyone makes, people are happy because that is how it is and there is no quarrelling. If one person is salaried more than others are, it provides the people some to purpose for and attempt to obtain and puts the system off balance (Hawton, K., & van Heeringen, K. 2009). My query is, would a group of employees that gets compensated with not much for one service, see another comparable service getting compensated more and try to get pay that matches or would they be content with what they already had? I don't believe they would and this would direct to anomic suicide. I think my understanding of the anomic suicide is basic at best.

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In the movie, it is obvious that the culture of suicide is very westernized because a lot of suicides done in this country are because of depression which the movie depicted. When it comes to the multicultural aspect if suicide, statistics report that whites are twice as likely to commit suicide as African-Americans. However, the occurrence of "suicide by cop" has guided to a mis- arrangement of this conduct as a homicide. Amongst the aging, African-American are in the lower suicide bracket rate than their white equivalents. Likely details are the defensive part of spirituality among them, and their extensive position as care givers to their family, particularly their grandchildren (Beautrais, A. 2003). Asian-American women have the uppermost rate of suicide among women over 65. Girls in grades K-12, Asian-American/Pacific Islanders depict the highest quantity of symptoms that are depressive.

Essay on Suicide the Natural End of Assignment

In conclusion, I have had a few friends who have seriously thought about taking their life. However, none of them have really gone through with it. How much hurting is too much? Are people creating their own hell on earth? Kill yourself? Is there ever a good reason? I have faced a lot of issues but none have been bad enough for me to try suicide. I am a true believer that some things happen for a reason but killing myself life for whatever motive, is not the right choice for me.


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