Sunrise Foster Senior Community Essay

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Many older people do need assistance. The point is that funding is not efficiently or effectively applied to help these people. Instead of applying the legislation to all older people, it would be more economically viable to specify certain qualifying criteria, since so many older people are now in a much better position to care for themselves.

If the legislation were not in place, however, it is unlikely that Sunrise would be able to continue its existence. Indeed, it is only because of the direct result of the legislation in the form of funding and AoA that Sunrise can continue to provide services for its members. However, I believe that these services can be delivered even more effectively if the funding were not spread so thinly. Instead of one service for every area of life in the later years, collective services can be offered by a single agency, for example. Also, rather than providing funds for individuals, agencies can be created to administer funding for older people in need. This would ensure the more effective application of funding for those who are truly in need, while additional funding can be made available for programs such as vocational training and work provision for older people. In this way, the legislation will encourage the independence of older people by facilitating their ability to find employment, while providing additional funding for those who are truly too frail to continue working and contributing to society.

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The OAA has been implemented to make people aware of the challenges related to growing older. It has also been implemented to assist older people with the basic requirements of their lives. Today, additional factors need to be taken into account, including the existing independence level of older citizens, as well as the potential for independence.


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TOPIC: Essay on Sunrise Foster Senior Community the Assignment

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