Supervision, Consultation and EMS Essay

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Relationship between clinical supervision and EMS

It is essential that EMS is initiated in a community. This requires that there are mentors for the community who can handle the situation by providing proactive measures. These measures include providing education to the community which is also a role of the emergency management system (JCR 2002). Thus, these two can be used for the same purpose and at the same time. The emergency management system has the mandate to offer public education and warnings to the community on the impending dangers and use of a model from clinical supervision could assist a lot.

Clinical consultant aiding the emergency management system

It is possible that a clinical consultant can be of use to the emergency management system in quite many ways. For one, it is the role of the EMS to provide medical and health services to the community, a feat that the clinical consultants can do well. Furthermore, the clinical consultant provides education to the trusted patients who ask for guidance especially during the time of disasters. The consultants also have the appropriate knowledge on the risks and hazards that are likely to occur to the community in case of disasters. This means that they have the ability to plan beforehand and offer a proactive solution to the EMS instead of waiting for the damage and then reacting. Thus, the clinical consultant can have an enormous role in an emergency management system.


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Joint Commission Resources, Inc. (2002). Guide to emergency management planning in health care. Oakbrook Terrace, IL: Joint Commission Resources. 9

TOPIC: Essay on Supervision, Consultation and EMS Supervision Assignment

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