Talent Management at Bofa Case Study

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Identifying which stakeholders are left out would likely be a first objective underlying these achievement objectives if these assumptions are truly fundamental to Bank of America's executive talent development.

Two potentially effective approaches to meet the talent management challenges in the future

In the same way, these assumptions provide rich opportunities for potential improvement. If stakeholder ownership is key to supporting new executive development, then one approach would be to remove barriers to stakeholder ownership. The National Association of Female Executives reported that before 2007 at least, executive gender diversity was actually falling (24), so to the degree that Bank of America's total employment is female, improving executive diversity may increase stakeholder ownership. Five out of thirteen executives were women at Bank of America in 2010 (Bank of America, 2011, p. 6), in what seem more than token roles, but whether this matches the workforce may be complicated by cultural norms in other countries the bank may have operations in. This diversity could also be one of the keys to global success. One effective approach would be to ensure executive ethnic and racial diversity matches workforce demographics, although if executive management skills take years to develop, we can perhaps expect higher average age in the C-suite than at large.Download full Download Microsoft Word File
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TOPIC: Case Study on Talent Management at Bofa Talent Assignment

Similarly, if mentoring by horizontal or just-senior peers within the executive team helps to amplify support, integrate styles, objectives and priorities (Fisher and Congel, 2009, p. 29) then integrating this "resource group" at the cohort level might be enhanced the more junior executives understand the perspectives and constraints their peers encounter. Cross-training executives to a reasonable degree or within limits, might increase cross-cohort integration, provide future professional development for more senior leadership, enhance executive longevity and further reduce turnover at this most expensive recruitment level. There may be functional and frictional limits to such cross-training but if integration improves performance as Fisher and Congel (2009) describe throughout, there may be some tangible goal achievement and creative problem solving possible by each hand knowing more clearly what the other hand is doing.


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