Tenure Elimination in Detail Essay

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At the same time, the peers whose performance is lower than average must be discouraged resulting in their absence and reduced influence over the pupils. It is to be understood by those who support tenure system than only a single teacher who lacks ability to teach effectively can doom hundreds of students unnecessarily. This is because even poor instructions can affect the minds of hundreds and thousands of unfortunate students who are taught by such kinds of teachers (Hassel, Kowal, Ableidinger & Hassel, 2011). The elimination of tenure is not only feasible in a political sense but it is also one of the swifter ways to get schools and districts free from the monetary and tenure-caused costs that also affect student learning.

Despite the fact that there are more advantages of eliminating tenure, it is not possible to eliminate it just like that. This is because in most of the places, it is either not possible to legally eliminate it or not practical politically. It is, however, recommended that new employees must not be given tenure whereas it can be retained for those who are already a part of the system.

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To cut a long story short, it is an unfortunate but commonly acknowledged practice by which public-school teachers are awarded "lifetime tenure under rules that make firing a teacher, no matter how incompetent, very difficult, expensive, and time-consuming" (Thomas & Wingert, 2010). It is to be understood that there are hundreds and thousands of good teachers who should be rewarded in a very good manner but that can be done even without granting them tenure. At the same time, there are hundreds of teachers who don't deserve to be in the classroom but they cannot be fired due to the tenure.

As far as student performance is concerned and relates with tenure, the quality teaching is simply the dissimilarity between a brilliant or badly lit future. In addition to this, the principals in schools also have to be challenged with non-renewal of contracts of teachers that are unskilled and incompetent (Nixon, Packard & Douvanis, 2010). The defenders of tenure consistently argue that tenure awarding 'is the only way to guarantee academic freedom" (Holden, 1997).


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