Terrorism in Northern Ireland Essay

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It would actually be absurd for someone to claim that these individuals care for the well-being of Ireland as long as they are unhesitant about engaging in terrorist acts that are likely to reflect negatively on the general population. The thousands of people that died across time as a result of terrorist attacks in Northern Ireland stand as evidence that these groups have no sense of right and wrong and that, over time, their minds have come to be clouded by their irresponsible ambition.

The authorities primarily have "to look further into those factors that predispose individuals to follow the path of violence and particularly to maintain their disposition" (Whittaker 15). Terrorism in Northern Ireland has come to be more than just a simple act of terror, as it is a tradition for many. Numerous individuals engaged in terrorist organizations in Northern Ireland most probably consider that it is their mission to fight against the government through every channel that they can possibly access. Killing innocent is nothing more but collateral damage.

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The British government has to provide the masses with the impression that a united Ireland would actually involve very little change in the relationship between the north and the south in the present. Terrorist acts were probably justified (to extremists) in the past, but the fact that present-day conditions are much more different and that the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland are currently imposing little to no boundaries for individuals travelling either north or south makes it possible for someone to look at matters from a different perspective. Terrorism has gradually come to be pointless and it is important for people to understand that they need to become an active part of the counterterrorism movement by denouncing suspicious behavior and by providing others with the opportunity to look at the bigger picture and see the harm that terrorism is responsible for.

TOPIC: Essay on Terrorism in Northern Ireland Northern Assignment

In addition to finding way to fight terrorists, the authorities also have to devise effective strategies to protect the general public. By identifying individuals and locations that are predisposed to being targeted by terrorist attacks, the authorities are more likely to reduce the chances of such an incident happening.

The fact that firearm possession is a particularly delicate topic in Northern Ireland further complicates matters, taking into account that individuals in the country have "an impressive armoury of thousands of rifles, home-made machine guns and grenade throwers, anti-tank weapons, and a great deal of Semtex and other explosives" (Whittaker 168).

Although the authorities are familiarized with the arsenal present in Northern Ireland, the fact that the Secretary of State for Northern Ireland is in charge of regulating the presence of firearms makes it difficult for the British government to interfere in the matter. It is not necessarily that the Secretary of State is not concerned about the imminent terrorist threat in the country, as he apparently seems to believes that firearm possession is not necessarily a matter that needs to be addressed directly when regarding terrorism. Many people are likely in possession of arms with the purpose to protect themselves and this seriously affects the way authorities work.


Conditions in Northern Ireland are critical and it is essential for the authorities to come up with effective strategies in order to provide solutions to the problem. By improving their relationship with the masses they are likely to influence individuals to express criticism regarding terrorists despite of the presumably honorable motives behind their actions. Also, by getting involved in emphasizing that much has changed ever since the installment if the first terrorist/rebel institutions at the start of the twentieth century, the authorities are probable to be successful in fighting terrorism.

The fact that groups like the IRA and the RIRA are different from conventional terrorist groups both when considering their initial purposes and the context of their actions makes the idea of fighting terrorism in Northern Ireland problematic. The authorities need to fight terrorism on several fronts and the most effective way to do so is to start with simple people who are unhappy with conditions in the country and who are vulnerable to sharing thinking expressed by institutions like the IRA.


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