Terrorism Refers to Threats, Violence Essay

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Though these violent acts might be reactionary in nature, it takes time to re-establish a damaged or extinct value system (Allen, 2006).

The Deliberate aspect of terrorism

Innocent victims become the target of terrorist activities just by being symbolically important. The fact that their pain may help in creating a psychological impact, becomes the reason for their death. All this is not merely coincidence but in fact each and every step is planned in advance (Bascio, 2007).

Factors contributing to terrorism

As per a study, suicide terrorism is the only idea that challenges the intricate bond between domestic violence and democracy. Although domestic violence can be found in democratic states, it is almost always found in dictatorships. However, recently, it has been found that suicide campaigns are usually carried out in self-governing states. Furthermore, taking into account statistics from 1980s and 1990s, the study also proves that there is a rate of increase in suicide attacks if terrorists are given special consideration (Torres, 2006).

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Terrorism is reported to be found in a number of nondemocratic regions, for instance, the presence of ETA running under Francisco Franco in Spain, which is reported to have higher rate of terrorism after the death of Franco. In addition, Alberto Fujimori leads Shining path in Peru, whereas the Kurdistan Workers Party when it was ran under the military in Turkey. The ANC in South Africa also comes under the same list. At a local level, a number of democratic leader ships have also faced terrorism (Torres, 2006).

Effects of terrorism:

Effects of terrorism are broad and wide, Torres (2006) in their book dwell on a few. They write:

Fear in the public dwelling in that region

Publicity in the media at national or international level

Writ of the government may be challenged

Terrorism in the form of bank robberies, kidnappings, street crimes and theft may be widely induced with high quality weaponry

TOPIC: Essay on Terrorism Refers to Threats, Violence, Assignment

Public facilities, government services, communication and transportation may be damaged and control may be taken over smaller regions

Foreign relations, investment, import, export, stock exchange, tourism and assistance mechanisms can be affected

Government institution can be affected

Jails may be occupied

Terrorist can form bases

Gorilla war may be induced which invokes military indulgence through military offence (Torres, 2006).

Methods used to counter terrorism:

Terrorism can be dealt through a number of counter strategies. The most probable strategies are political reorientation and fundamental restructuring. Following are some of the strategies that may be employed (Nacos, 2006):

Punishments, special trials, criminal suites and unidentified escorting for identified terrorists

Increasing enforcement authority

Increasing jail security and barriers for constant surveillance

Military backup

Intelligence agencies and surveillance agencies in place

Improvement in focus on social security

Focusing on dark alleys, unfocused areas, neighborhoods which are identified for criminal activities and areas were higher risks are reported

Strict punishment policies (Nacos, 2006).

Counter-terrorism carries implicit meaning, hence, connoting towards terrorist actors. A number of U.S. institutions, both governmental and private are working to counter this threat. For instance, a report in Washington Post pointed out that in U.S. 1,931 private companies and 1,271 government organizations are engaged in intelligence, counterterrorism and homeland security in about 10,000 different locations (Nacos, 2006).


Majority of the experts are of the opinion that Afghanistan, Middle East, and Pakistan are the epicenter for terrorists. Due to lack of law enforcement, various Islamic terrorist factions have succeeded in assuming power in these regions, thus leading to creation of religion-based terrorists (Nacos, 2006).


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