Therapeutic Techniques Person Cantered Therapy Essay

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Therefore, he advocates that with equitable protection of a child from the influences of the environment, he or she is likely to adopt a given behavior. Therefore, the environment is hugely influential and should be protected in order to influence on the wanted characteristics within a child. Behavior change is a factor of the environment.

On the other hand, Rogers has similar opinions and perceptions as concerns the environment and change of behavior in the client. According to Rogers, the environment is critical when it comes to the determination of the behavior of a child. A child or client has innate characteristics that are capable of molding him or her into a better person. Nonetheless, the influence of the environment through the therapist will determine how the client will be able to respond to the aspects of self-concepts. The essence of a therapist being warm, understanding, and compassionate, is to have the child respond appropriately to the influences of the environment. When a therapist behaves as expected, the environment will be favorable to let the child appreciate the call of innate facets of growth and development.

Change in behavior within a child is also sentimental to the influence of the environment. According to Rogers, a child should appreciate what he or she has been convened to be through his or her self-concepts. Nonetheless, the influences of the environment, like a therapist, will appear to thwart or promote the creation of a suitable situation for the client to develop according to his or her features of self-concepts.

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Essay on Therapeutic Techniques Person Cantered Therapy Assignment

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