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The process of teaching social justice issues in the classroom should include: a) "attending to social relations within and among families, schools, communities"; b) balancing cognitive & emotional approaches; and c) the interaction of families and students in multicultural situations (UMass).

A third important skill for teachers to develop is using culturally relevant pedagogy, and this simply means honoring diversity and empowering "…ethnically diverse students by simultaneously cultivating their cultural integrity, individual abilities, and academic success" (Oran, 2010).

Comparing differences and similarities: Culturally relevant pedagogy is concept and approach that is powerfully linked to social justice issues. Those who discriminate against others of different ethnicities are in fact guilty of social injustice. The question of why some people despise others who are different is important in any discussion of social justice. Also, the Jesuit approach is linked to social justice and culturally relevant pedagogy because the Jesuit concept embraces ideas that promote the greater good of the community and that advance the "highest ends" of society for the common good.

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In conclusion, all three traditions work together for me in a classroom environment because God's love and the rational acceptance of His love is based on justice, fairness, and an acceptance that all humans are His children. When there is blatant injustice to a gay person, or to a Muslim, or to a handicapped person -- and the media picks up on any of those injustices -- approaching these issues in a social studies classroom offer the teacher a chance to invoke CRP, social justice, and Jesuit traditions in a meaningful way through example and discussion.

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Essay on Traditions That Are Each Very Assignment


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