Triple Constraints Health Care Informatics Essay

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In short, if there is a benefit to undergoing a healthcare informatics project, it should benefit all patients and practitioners equally. If there is a disparity in outcomes from a project, it has to be ensured that it's because of societal or other factors that are not controllable by the project members. Disparate outcomes do not mean disparate treatment for what is controllable but it has to be verified in each and every case that the hospital is doing all their due diligence. For example, an initiative that involves customer access and participation online must be regulated by the fact that economically disadvantaged people do not have the best track record of being able to afford to consistently access online resources and many of these disadvantaged people are minorities. Even so, having the option there is fine as long as items that assist the poor and needy are not sacrificed in favor of that. Obviously, the records in a system are faceless to most IT professionals as they are not on the front lines of care. Even so, equity of outcomes, while not usually possible, should be strived for as much as possible and the information technology resources should be wielded so that the scope, time and cost dimensions are not skewed in favor of the rich and powerful but instead become the proverbial tide that lifts all boats. This can be a tall order but it can be pulled off.


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The disparate impact statements above are far from being the only wild card in play in the healthcare and healthcare informatics fields but the recent political and ideological spats about health care and "ObamaCare" have made clear that disparate impact in healthcare outcomes is a major problems and this has to be taken into account with healthcare informatics even if a lot of the impacts and outcomes are not caused or induced by healthcare IT (Houry, 2012). Some people having problems accessing healthcare is a fact of life and the triple constraints as well as meaningful use dimensions of healthcare IT projects have to take that seriously.


Essay on Triple Constraints Health Care Informatics Assignment

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