Unions in America Today Research Paper

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Unions are responsible for the separation that occurs between the workers and the management, a situation that retards organization development. In addition, union members have a responsibility of complying with union positions as they are part of it. Even when one's individual position differs with that of the union, one has to comply because he is already part of the union (Mooney, Knox & Schacht, 2011).

Inflexibility in the negotiation of wages

The trade union rules creates a barrier that prevents flexibility in decision making, especially in times of negotiations for wages and other issues affecting workers. Inflexibility makes it difficult for an employee to perform changes regarding the working conditions, for example, working hours. Unions subject all workers in the same working situations which are difficult to adjust (Kelly, 2010).

Unsustainable spending

In America, unions are responsible for unsustainable spending because of their concentration on the welfare of members without consideration of other people in the society. In certain states, in America, unions have caused serious spending from the government, which has led to unsustainable spending. Various benefits for union members have drained the resources of organizations and the government leading to huge debts. The union strikes are inevitable in the event of refusals of any grievances aired for workers.

Involvement in politics and corruption

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It is apparent that unions have participated in politics and corruption because of their power to convince members to vote for specific individuals. Sometimes representatives of unions may opt to help politicians achieve their political dreams while neglecting the needs of members (Anonymous, 1999).

Significant of research to practicing managers

Research Paper on Unions in America Today the Assignment

This research is important to practicing managers because it creates understanding of various issues regarding labor unions. Managers can be able to deal with employees in accordance to various organizational policies. Then research is significant because the manager will learn how deal with negative impacts of unions, for example, the issue of low productivity and motivation.


It is evident that unions safeguard the welfare of workers by ensuring proper working conditions, proper remuneration and employment security. Unions are beneficial because they allow conveyance of grievances to the management for easy response to employee needs. There are disadvantages associated with unions; however, the advantages exceed disadvantages associated with unions. The unions disadvantage in America includes the decline in competitiveness, in the global market, reduced productivity and many others. Since the pros of unions outweigh the cons, it is important for organizations to have unions represent their workers.


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