B2B Marketing When it Comes Term Paper

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B2B Marketing

When it comes to marketing, the action of selling something becomes more of an art. That is, it is up to the salesperson to persuade the buyer to purchase a certain object or service. How the seller does it? Well, through good oral skills, persuading techniques and interpersonal relations. Therefore, it is obviously that if the seller empathizes with the buyer, the whole process of selling something becomes suddenly easier. And this is a theory that applies both to business to consumer marketing and business to business marketing. Basically, both strategies are based on interpersonal relationships, and this is a general truth. The most important aspect in everything you do is the way you relate to the person next to you. If it is not the most important aspect of business to business marketing, the salesperson's relationship with the buyer is definitely in top three. However, when it comes to business marketing, a company should be aware that in maintaining a name, the marketing strategy should be more than just based on a friendly relationship. It should focus on providing the equipment to best satisfy the needs of companies. Moreover, the marketing strategy should include special offers for companies rather than applying the same rules for customers and businesses.Download full Download Microsoft Word File
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TOPIC: Term Paper on B2B Marketing When it Comes to Marketing, Assignment

When deciding to analyze a website and see which are the different messages they transmit according to the consumer they address themselves to, I have settled for Mercedes Benz. Their message for business - customers is the following: "Mercedes-Benz Trucks: Transport solutions for a competitive new age." is their slogan and it is followed by the following text body: "Represented comprehensively in every segment of the truck market, Mercedes-Benz' fresh and modern looking vehicles all bring more powerful engines, intelligent management systems, improved emission levels and comfortable cabs to the local market." Mercedes-Benz message for simple consumers is far more straightforward: "120 years later, the legend continues. Discover the engineering, craftsmanship, and legendary spirit of the world's first automaker in its most modern expression yet." Thus, the business to business marketing focuses on the utilities of each model, on their characteristics, on the offered support and other technical aspects which are a company's concern when deciding to buy more than just one automobile. On the other hand, when it comes to regular customers, that is, not other companies, the business to consumer marketing focuses more on the art of making a Mercedes, of owning it and, even more importantly, of identifying yourself with the spirit of the car. The craft of car making is considered an art, and it underlines this aspect in each slogan, so that people know that they do not buy only a car, but a brand, a name, a spirit, which aims to perfection.

When it comes to Intel and AMD their slogan is somehow different as they are trying to persuade the customer to buy their products, in the other's company detriment. That is, Intel's slogan is "Leap Ahead" while AMD's is "Smarter Choice." Why do we believe they are similar? Well, it's simple. Leap ahead implies advancement while smarter choice brings you in front of other person, which makes you leap ahead. Furthermore, while deciding to leap ahead, you are sure you have made the best decision for company, because you have to base your strategy on the smartest choice. So, there's basically the same slogan, under different names for different companies. What should be of concern is that these companies do not advertise for the entire personal computers, but only for the processors. That is, they advertise only a small part of your future computer. The problem rises when consumers realize that they do not actually have the possibility of making a deliberate choice, as there are no identical computers only with different processors. That is, you cannot find the same configuration for both Intel and AMD processors.… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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