Babies Movie Review

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At the most basic level, parents love their children and all babies experience the same developmental stages (Copple & Bredekamp, 2009). They all coo, cry, poop, laugh, and explore. The environment simply dictates where these experiences happen. Also, while we of the modern world tend to look down on underdeveloped countries, we try to emulate a natural world for our babies to play in while those in rural Mongolia and Africa actually participate in natural and experience the world in a unique way. The film may try to make a statement that modern parenting is too overprotective and overbearing. Babies should be given the freedom to explore their environment.

I recommend this film to those who want another perspective on parenting. It is a movie that isn't judgmental; therefore all conclusions are based on your own perspective. The movie also demonstrates the bond between a mother and her child, which makes it a touching movie for anyone to see. It is an interesting film because it shows the similarities between all humans and how we all go through the stages of development. It makes people wonder how much affect your environment has on cognitive development. A good follow-up would be examining the same four children as they enter adolescence and their personalities are more pronounced. During this stage the audience can also examine the influence culture has on personality.


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Movie Review on Babies: Reflection Assignment

Howes, C. (2010). Culture and child development in early childhood programs: practices for quality education and care.… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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