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[. . .] This course, however, has shown that complementary medicine offers more than a spurious placebo effect. Case studies and qualitative research highlight the ways the Bach flower remedies can be a genuinely effective adjunct to allopathic medicine (Barraclough, 2007). It would be better if empirical research revealed a causal or at least correlational effect from using Bach flower remedies; but even without the support of the scientific community, healers can avail themselves of the flowers. One of the strongest arguments supporting the use of Bach flower remedies in complementary medical practice is that of the mind-body connection. Edward Bach himself understood that "mental states could have a powerful influence on physical ones," (p. 118). Dr. Bach believed that emotional and mental distress can at the very least exacerbate physical disease, a fact that is indisputable.

Bach, whose work converged with early research in psychology, believed also in personality types. According to Bach, personality types were related to disease manifestation. When using the flower remedies, the practitioner must discern between the issues that are chronic, or part of the person's personality, and the issues that are acute or temporary. When self-healing with the Bach flower remedies, I have come to realize that Holly is necessary as a regular flower remedy because I am prone to feelings of anger, jealousy, and hatred. The anxiety I had been experiencing in Bali was of a more temporary nature, which is why I would take remedies like Larch and Mimulus only when necessary.

After taking this course, I see the importance of receiving a more comprehensive accreditation in administering the Bach flower essences. Until now, I have been operating like Fred in Bali, by simply seeing clients and offering them flowers based on their primary symptoms. While it is not essential that a healer receive accreditation, it is important to maintain an aura of creditability, and ensure patient safety by having a set of standards that Bach flower practitioners ascribe to in their practices. Therefore, I am now registered in a Bach flower practitioner-licensing course online. The course will enhance my confidence as a practitioner and also offer me networking opportunities that can be monetized in the future.

The practitioner-licensing course for Bach flower essences has tremendously enhanced my skills as a practitioner, as well as boosted my confidence in administering the right flower remedies every time. Whereas I used to consult my books when meeting with clients, I now know by heart the uses of each flower remedy and can quickly prescribe formulas that are individualized and personalized. Because "individuals with serious medical or emotional conditions should not rely on Bach flower remedies alone for treatment," I am cautious when prescribing the remedies (Weil, 2013). The course has taught me the ethical parameters of working as a healer, and how to recognize in others symptoms of resistance to healing. I have worked with several individuals who are averse to seeing doctors, and have coached them to overcome their fears and accept what modern medicine has to offer while also relying on the remedies for their mental and emotional well being. I would never discourage someone from taking medication prescribed by a doctor, but I also encourage my clients to rely on their own mental, emotional, and spiritual reserves rather than on drugs. The purpose of the Bach flower remedies is to enhance overall healing.


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