Bach and Frederick the Book Book Report

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As mentioned earlier, Frederick uses Bach's son Carl to embarrass him. Frederick presents him with the new 15 pianofortes and demands for a 21 note theme to be made. Even though Bach is not too impressed by the new incoming technology, he takes up the challenge. Both Carl and Frederick get surprised by the creations that Bach makes. Bach's skills are tested even further when he is demanded to make a six part fugue on the theme. Even though the composer works two months on it, he managed to produce it.Download full Download Microsoft Word File
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TOPIC: Book Report on Bach and Frederick the Book Assignment

Gaines states that Bach's determination came from how much he despised Frederick's admiration of the gallant ways of the new art coming in. He was angered by the constant criticism of the contrapuntal mode that Bach rooted for. It can be seen that both the characters influence each other in some way. Bach is impressed by firmness and the confidence Frederick has in his visions about the new form of music. On the other hand, Frederick is astonished and envious of Bach's determination and passion for the love of music. When Bach does manage to complete the tasks he is assigned, Fredericks gets more influenced and affected by Bach's skill and firmness to his choice…
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