Bacon County Hospital and Health Essay

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The first step is to have both paper and digital copies of documents within the system. The paper copies ensure the accuracy of documents within the digital framework. In addition to the hardcopies, each digital document is copied and maintained on a differing network, completely separate from that of the company intranet. This separate mainframe provides a separate database in the event of a catastrophe or system failure. In the event of a fire of natural disaster, the separate database would ensure that the entire information system runs smoothly and efficiently (Dhillon, 2007). To further insure that data is accessible, the back up system is maintained in a differing location that that of the primary one.

What things do you think your organization could do to further enhance information security?

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The organization could do much more to enhance information security. The first is to have a proactive culture in regards innovation with information security. This culture will ensure that the organization stays ahead of potential threats to information security. This culture must insure that hardware, software, and communication are aligned in a manner to protect information security (Layton, 2007). Secondly, the organization must adequately train and coach personnel in regards to information security. The organization should further separate powers and responsibilities to insure the confidentiality of patient information. The organization should also invest in separate databases to ensure that operations will not be interrupted in the event of a natural disaster or emergency. Finally, the organization must have prudent and conservative analysis as to the merits of current information systems and technology. This risk analysis allows individuals within the company to adequately assess the risk embedded in current information systems in regards to overall security (Peltier, 2001).


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TOPIC: Essay on Bacon County Hospital and Health Assignment

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