Term Paper: Baghdad Diaries Persepolis Nuha Al-Radi

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[. . .] Nonetheless, Satrapi's Persepolis is perhaps at its most powerful in revealing the devastating effect of war on personal freedoms and equality. Through her childish eyes, the reader understands how war can destroy not only life but freedom and as well. In this sense, Persepolis is a more powerful portrayal of the effect of war on the death of freedom than al-Radi's Baghdad Diaries. Baghdad Diaries, while a powerful work, fails to delve deeply into the loss of personal freedoms that result from the war, and instead focuses more on the personal daily realities of the war.

In conclusion, Satrapi's Persepolis and al-Radi's Baghdad Diaries are important and effective illustrations of how Iranians and Iraqis deal with the uncertainty, political repression, deprivation, and war that have impacted their homelands in recent years. In her novel, Baghdad Diaries, al-Radi effectively tells the story of the average Iraqi, but fails to provide a larger political context or a deep understanding of the war's effect on personal freedoms. In contrast, Satrapi's Persepolis provides a complex understanding of war's impact on ideals of equality and personal freedom, but does not provide as intimate a portrait of the effects of war on the average individual. Taken together, however, these two books provide a complex portrait of how war can impact the individual and ideal through the use of engaging personal and national histories.

Works Cited al-Radi, Nuha. 2003. Baghdad Diaries: A Woman's Chronicle of…

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