Research Paper: Barcelona Declaration of Measurement

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[. . .] Influence is the outcome of engagement's impact on the audience. Their most potential action after being gone through the awareness process of brand will predict the positive or negative influence of the brand and will assist in the value creation of the public relation program to the business effect. The ultimate phase is the action step. After the influence process when discussed about it with family and friends has the target audience taken any step forward like clicking on the website, placing an order, recommending it to any fiend etc. The ultimate result of these aspects and their factors is the value creation. The axis on which value is created is (Z-axis) which shows that values is created either through increased revenue, or cost cutting, or cost ignorance like reduction in the recruitment cost due to high employee commitment and loyalty. And can also be combination of these.

One another important contemplation when analyzing the total value created by public relations and media is that of the 'time'. Creating value through public relations is a gradual process taking short-term influence and also building long-term impacts. Usually the volatility of the market depicts the life span of the value created by public relations. When the market is highly volatile then the life is shot lived. But when we say building brand equity and creating good reputation among the audience then these are basically long-term impacts. These are what I would say sequence oriented making up the value over time and when reached to its highest point will shed it too with over time (Kienle, 1998).

Advertising Value Equivalents (AVEs) replaced:

Advertisement are said to deliver lower return on investment relative to the public relations. Still they are compared with the PR reason being advertisement provides path towards the ROI and have no return is better than negligible return. AVEs are generally the measure of calculating the cost of advertisement with the standards rate multiplied with the multiplier. So they are considered to be an ineffective way of measuring the value of public relations. Now why are they consider it as a poor source of calculating the value of PR is illustrated with few identified areas which I will be discussing in the following text.

The advertisements and specifically editorial articles for the awareness creation are actually the views of third party and their understanding and perception on the readers is quite differently. Therefore it's not worthwhile to judge the value created from such material on the public relation although they contribute to a major extend in the awareness creation among the general public. Moreover AVE calculates the effectiveness of the advertisement on the basis of the cost of an advertisement. Costly the advertisement is the creative would be its design and placement at the ideal position with maximum reader's coverage. In reality, the actual value of an ad or any article in the magazine is measured through its outcome or impact not through the cost for its design and appearance. Some of the important parameters of public relations are left unaddressed like strategic counsel, crisis communications, public policy and affairs and social campaigns. If PR values are evaluated with AVE then it worth would not be correctly valued as some aspects will get ignored and the impact on the business will not be scrutinized effectively. For the successful marketing campaign and creating business value advertising and Public relation work best together but AVE consider them as substitutes however they are very different from each other with respect to their implication and outcomes. Advertisement's success is greatly dependent on the positive and negative attitude of the public. If there is an environment of positivity successful outcomes are guaranteed on contrary if there is negativity in the environment then advertisement failure is well predicted (Zaafrane, 2000).

Social Media And Pr Measurement Integration Raising The Business ROI:

Advent of the dot com world and transformation of the businesses to the web businesses, many of the measurement tasks is being handled by the web analytics. There are many web analytic available who do their job effectively. There are many benefits of going for web-based measurements most prominent ones are they are cost effective and thoroughly understands the what, who and where of the marketing. The only problem with the web based analytics is that it doesn't provide any practical rational for what is influencing that specific behavior. It doesn't outline the actual purpose of attitude change or the outcomes. Web analytics fails to answer such questions like:

What people are thinking when they are going for our products and services?

Why are they discussing about it?

What are the factors that is creating these changes and impacting business value?

The questions not only resolve the issues for marketing program success but they help in developing such plans more effectively in future. A complete and thorough social media and PR measurement approach is the one that encompasses web analytics, content analysis and primary audience research adds measurement quality and enhances influential approach. Social media measurement is being faced with number of issues and challenges. To standardize the measurement approach it important to learn how to quantify objectives. It is equally important to recognize that most objectives are not quantifiable these days and strategies are often misunderstood as objectives. Therefore measurable objectives should be explicit in terms of specific targets set like percentages, timeline, quality standards etc. The impact of social media is many times judged by the Return it can generate from investment that is ROI of the project over time. However in actual, social programs are structured to create impact in the society which can be progressive taking long time to give its result and thus strategically effecting business on the long-term basis not merely on the basis of investment cycle from inception to maturity. Value attribution model is great innovation in the measurement of PR in social marketing. It attempts to allot financial value to specific campaigns that are component of bigger marketing concern. Value attribution models integrate the human skills with technical expertise. Due to this reason many companies are not going for the value attribution model (Rockland, 2010).


Conventionally PR measurement was more focused on using the results to keep the track of the data scores rather than utilizing the data to evaluate what things are working and how to improve upon them. In short the reasoning element was missing in the public relations measurement. Strategies were focused on finding too many ways of coming up to the value of PR but none of them intrigues the reasoning behind the outcomes Organizational culture or the company has always out weight the scores from the public relations measurement rather than the rationale behind these scores. Management and senior leaders have always been of the view that effectiveness of the marketing plan is measured through the outcomes not through its outcomes on the business entity. However, the public relations measurement principles of Barcelona have identified quantitative as well as qualitative measures for the assessment of the value of PR and its effect on the business entity (Zaafrane, 2000).

The challenge here is that how would company will measure audience recommendation to their friends and different blogs, visited another site and has referred to blog with trackback? Therefore communication channels like advertising and PR has always worked hand in finding ways to interact and be part of the channel to create value through PR. The value created through PR is often evaluated with the most commonly used strategy word-of-mouth measurement where peer-to peer communication and interaction have been evaluated. With the increased globalised world where markets are becoming smaller and habits, attitudes and business strategies are crossing borders from one continent to the another very easily, under such scenarios the marketing mix model should be designed on the global platform address in response to the cross-platform measurement challenges (Rockland, 2010)..

With the increased globalised world where markets are becoming smaller and habits, attitudes and business strategies are crossing borders from one continent to the another very easily, under such scenarios the marketing mix model should be designed on the global platform address in response to the cross-platform measurement challenges. The marketing mix modeling campaign will be containing various forms of communication devices like PR, direct marketing, PA, and internet marketing etc. all the communication strategies adopted will be integrated creating greater sense of accountability (Edis, 1998).

Although the Barcelona declaration of measurement principles provides standard guidelines on valuing the public relations through more holistic approach by creating create long-term impact rather than running after the short-term profitability. It has enabled its member state to create value addition in their business entity with the introduction of service marketing and valuation of the service marketing. It was agreed by 33 countries who have attended the summit but the challenge lies in its applicability. Every country will want it to be customized according to their own organization and national… [END OF PREVIEW]

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